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How to Turn Your Shower into a Beauty Energy Ritual

This ritual is a foundational Bright Rite because it's specifically designed to help you release dullness and shine your light.

A nightly shower is the best way for Energetically Sensitive Beauties to clean the makeup, sunscreen, oil, and grime from their bodies while clearing and transmuting the day's energies.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are picking up energy from other people, the environment, and even the objects you come into contact with throughout the day.

This is especially relevant if you identify as Highly Sensitive or Empathic.

All day long, you’re interfacing with a multitude of energy, and it could be causing you to be reactive and overstimulated in a way that far exceeds the label of sensitive skin.

A nightly shower is the best way to rinse the day away, dissolve and dissipate the energies, and prepare yourself for a blissful night’s sleep.

Learning how to transmute your daily energy exchange is the essence of alchemy and will allow you to show up and shine in even the most stressful of environments.

Keep reading to learn how to turn your ordinary showers into a powerful beauty energy ritual.

Things to set up and gather before you begin:

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  • Make sure your shower is clean. Skip the heavy chemicals and use a citrus-based cleanser, baking soda, or plain bleach.
  • Use a shower filter-I love this one 
  • Set your intention-a perfect opportunity to use your inner beauty blueprint

Shower Swag

The Swag is fun, but remember, the only thing you need for this ritual is–an airtight bowl of high-quality Sea SALT!

The Magic of Salt

Did you know that salt used to be a form of currency ( sel/sale) and was the main way that earlier people preserved their food, enabling them to travel and migrate?

Salt is antibacterial, anti-viral, a natural preservative, and a natural cleansing agent, not to mention bursting with life-sustaining minerals and energetic power.

Salt is also a conductor. 

Drop a chunk of pure sodium into water and you’ll get an explosion!

You can actually run a lightbulb with saltwater!

Salt is an electrolyte containing sodium ions necessary for maintaining cellular homeostasis ( balance) and regulating fluid and electrolytes.

An ion is an atom or molecule with a net electric charge.

Are you sensing a theme? ⚡️💦

Begin Your Beauty Energy Shower Ritual.

To begin, dry brush your entire body, lightly on the top of your skin, starting at the soles of your feet and brushing upwards towards your heart, spending extra time on any rough patches at your knees and elbows.

Then move to the palms of your hands and do the same for your upper body, always ending and lifting off at your heart.

This stimulates and increases your lymphatic system’s natural detox function. 

You can imagine it as if you are sweeping a floor and gathering the dust towards your heart, where it will be circulated to your kidneys and filtered out.

Next, imagine that there is a golden liquid light emanating from the water and intend for the energy, situations, interactions, conversations, and struggles of the day to be rinsed away. 

Visualize them going down the drain and being neutralized.

Then, take a large pinch of salt (about a teaspoon) and pass it from your head to your feet while saying this cleansing invocation.

“I transmute to harmless all of the essences of all the consciousnesses that have been removed, are being removed, and will be removed this day”

beauty energy shower salt prayer

I love my Petals Crème Cleanse for my nightly Bright Rite and I apply this as soon as I'm finished with my first light and salt intention.

It’s bursting with electrolytes and helps melt your makeup, sunscreen, and dead skin cells while leaving your skin soft, hydrated and conditioned.

Petals Crème Cleanse can also act as a mask and only needs to be rinsed off at the end of your shower session.

Keep a non-breakable gua sha stone or another massage tool in the shower and use it to massage your face while the cleanser is on.

If you use a washcloth, it should always be a clean one.

I like these thin muslin cloths that come in a pack, as they take up less space in your laundry, and you can always have a clean one nearby

Ready to take your nightly Bright Rite to the next level?

Discover your Beauty Energy Archetype

Your beauty energy archetype reveals your soul skincare and beauty routine so that you can start experiencing The Higher Self Beauty Effect.

I’ve found that for each archetype, there are certain products or practices that can amplify and  enhance the energy of your shower ritual:

The Alchemist- The Alchemist enjoys fewer products with higher quality, so a handmade soap or another bespoke cleansing item will create heavenly shower alchemy

The Energetic- The Energetic is the one that the nightly shower ritual is most important for. 

The salt clearing can be a powerful supporting pillar for The Energetic to lean into for clearing energy and preparing for a restful night’s sleep.

The Protector- The Protector likely loves all-in-one cleansing products like Dr. Bronners  and will be in and out quickly to conserve water and resources.

The Artist- The Artist will have an array of luxury cleansing products and will take her time appreciating each inch of her body and celebrating her skin.

The Guide- The Guide benefits greatly from the salt cleanse, rinsing away the client interactions of the day, and can also leverage her nightly shower to test products and practice her own self-care.

Ready to find out? Take the quiz below!

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