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How to Turn Your Shower into a Time Machine

At Higher Self Beauty, together with freshly formulated skin nutrition, we practice rituals known as Bright Rites, which are designed to help you let your inner and outer light shine.

A nightly shower is a foundational Bright Rite, and it will be especially beneficial if you identify with being highly sensitive or empathic to not only cleanse your body from makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily grime but to also clear and transmute any lingering energies from your day.

This resets your energy, returns you to your original program of perfection, and prevents heavy time.

Throughout the day, you unconsciously absorb energy from people, and the environment, and this can leave you feeling reactive and overstimulated, even beyond the scope of what you would call sensitive skin.

A nightly shower is a perfect way to wash away the day, dissolve and dissipate unwanted energies, and prepare yourself for a restful night's sleep. By learning how to transmute daily energy exchanges, you can embody the essence of alchemy and shine even in the most stressful environments.

Here's a guide on transforming your ordinary shower into a powerful beauty energy ritual and time machine.


Before embarking on your ritual, ensure your shower is clean. Avoid harsh chemicals and opt for a citrus-based cleanser, baking soda, or plain bleach. Additionally, consider investing in a shower filter to enhance the quality of the water.

Set your intention for this ritual, infusing it with your unique beauty blueprint. Take the quiz to discover your beauty blueprint and visualize it during your shower.

Gather the following items:

  • An essential oil diffuser

  • Eucalyptus leaves or branches to hang from your shower head

  • Humidity-loving hanging plants

  • A dry brush

  • A luxurious organic robe

  • Baking soda

  • Most importantly, an airtight bowl of high-quality Sea SALT!

  • Full ritual goods shopping list is available in my Beauty Blueprint

The Magic of Salt:

Salt holds incredible power. It was once used as a form of currency and aided in preserving food for travel and migration. Apart from its antibacterial and antiviral properties, salt is a natural cleansing agent filled with life-sustaining minerals. It is also an excellent conductor. You can even run a lightbulb with salt water!

Salt contains sodium ions, essential for maintaining cellular balance and regulating fluid and electrolytes within your body. Harnessing the power of salt will elevate your Beauty Energy Shower Ritual beyond mere cleansing.

The Beauty Energy Shower Ritual:

To begin, dry brush your entire body, gently sweeping from the soles of your feet upwards towards your heart. Focus on any rough patches like your knees and elbows. Dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic system's natural detox function, (just like sweeping dust) toward your heart for filtration.

Step into your Time Machine:

This time machine neutralizes and cleanses the effects of time, keeps your present moment fresh, and rehydrates your spirit and skin.

Visualize golden liquid light emanating from your shower head, and set the intention to cleanse and neutralize the energy, inflammation, pollution, situations, interactions, conversations, and struggles of the day. Picture them flowing down the drain and vanishing.

Take a large pinch of salt (approximately a teaspoon) and pass it from your head to your feet while reciting the cleansing invocation:

Print this invocation and keep it inside your salt container.

"I transmute to harmless all of the essences of all the consciousnesses that have been removed, are being removed, and will be removed this day."

What to focus on:

The nightly shower isn't typically for washing your hair, you can focus on shaving and cleansing activities as a means to clear, cleanse, dissolve, relax, and release any aspects that you and your body no longer need. For the cleansing portion, try Petals Creme Cleanse, which nourishes the skin while removing makeup, sunscreen, and dead skin cells.

Incorporate a non-breakable Gua Sha stone or another massage tool to massage your face during the cleansing process. Petals Creme Cleanse can also be used as a mask, requiring rinsing at the end of your shower session. Remember to always use a clean washcloth, such as thin muslin cloths, which occupy less space in the laundry and are readily available.

Discover your Beauty Energy Muse to enhance your nightly Bright Rite:

Each Muse is an archetype that benefits from specific products and practices that amplify and heighten the energy of your shower ritual:

  • The Alchemist: Enjoys fewer high-quality products, making handmade soap or bespoke cleansing items perfect for creating shower alchemy.

  • The Energetic: Finds the nightly shower ritual most important. The salt clearing becomes a powerful support for clearing energy and preparing for peaceful sleep.

  • The Protector: Prefers all-in-one cleansing products like Dr. Bronner's, allowing for quick and efficient cleansing to conserve water and resources.

  • The Artist: Embraces an array of luxury cleansing products and savors the experience of celebrating every inch of their body and skin.

  • The Guide: Benefits greatly from the salt cleanse, using the nightly shower to rinse away client interactions, and utilizing the experience for self-care practice and product testing.

Taking Your Magic Shower Bright Rite to the Next Level:

Take a moment to step back and acknowledge the beauty of what you've accomplished today. You've transformed your ordinary shower into a powerful beauty energy ritual and time machine, cleansing your body, clearing unwanted energies, and preparing yourself for a restful night's sleep.

Now, it's as easy as a quick rinse-off to let the rest go.

Embrace the magic of this ritual and enjoy the rejuvenating effects it brings to both your body and soul.

Let me know how you feel and when you're ready for more information on how to elevate your skincare routine to the next level, check out my Bright Rites Beauty Blueprint beginning course >> The Beauty Blueprint

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