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Mirror Work

What if you've been staring at the secret to transforming how you look and feel your whole life?

I am talking about the mirror.

A source of angst for many, a source of power, for few-- the mirror is both a portal and a tool to deeply loving and accepting yourself.

One of my Sheros Louise Hay originally developed a Mirror Work technique for her work with gay men suffering from HIV/AIDS. It was her way of helping break through the enormous shame and self-loathing many of the gay community were feeling, during the peak of AIDS hysteria, during the Eighties.

Her work went on to be the inspiration for a generation of personal development leaders and healers including Dr. Wayne Dyer and the entire Hay House publishing family of authors and teachers.

A few years ago, when I first began talking about Mirror Work, as part of my I AM Method, I was extremely nervous, and felt quite alone in both the Professional Beauty industry- as an award-winning skincare expert, and in the Green Beauty industry, as a product formulator.

I felt disconnected from the fear-based brand messages I heard from everyone around me.

Which "toxic chemicals" will kill you. Which line of "skin care" could stop you from aging...

I just wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, "You are the missing ingredient, in all of your skincare products!" 

I felt like the only one in the beauty industry actually talking about ways to heal how we feel about ourselves and the way we look.

I was tired of helping women judge themselves via beauty products, and feel fear about everything from, what they were putting on their faces, to how old they looked. 

Judgment is the single most toxic thing we do to ourselves. Period.

Mirror work addresses self-judgment head on ;) by reflecting back to you your deepest emotions and gives you the opportunity to rewrite the inner script with a new story of self-acceptance and love.

I am happy to report, the tide is turning.

I woke up to an email from the esteemed Kristen Arnett talking about Mirror Work!

When a beauty expert of this magnitude joins in--its a movement.

The mirror is a sacred tool for transformation, growth, and wellness.

Every time you look in the mirror is an opportunity for deeply connecting with your own eyes, affirming your value and worth.

My I AM Method, takes the power of Mirror Work and combines it with EFT style tapping massage and powerful topical ingredients for a game-changing beauty  methodology and daily ritual to rewrite neural pathways and anchor in these new beliefs, for GOOD!

Rather than a stand-alone exercise, like traditional mirror work, the I AM Method is a practice you do every time you apply your facial products in the mirror--exponentializing the results.

After you master the I AM Method, you'll be ready to learn two more powerful mirror techniques that I have speciallt created for energetically sensitive women who want to glow without harsh treatments or injections

We are talking all about this powerful innovation in beauty, and practicing the technique, over in The Skintuitive Society! 

All you have to do is subscribe to a product  or be a member of The Bright Rites and you'll get access to our magical, metamorphic monthly meeting where we practice I AM and more.

I would love to have you join us.

XO, Amy Wall | The Skintessa

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