Are you an Unappreciated Beauty?

If you've looked in the mirror recently and noticed life's stresses and your lack of 'me' time, showing up on your skin--you know what it feels like to be in an unappreciated state.

It feels like a clock ticking away, with never enough time for just you.

It looks like tension lines, dark spots and dull, unappreciated skin.

The solution is more than skin deep.

The reason you are feeling and maybe even looking "older" has nothing to do with your age.

It's your energy.

If you are looking for a solution to the visible stress and tension becoming permanent on your skin, you need more than products.

You need a Guide.

The Beauty Pathway Membership

The New Way To Beauty

If you're over 35, and have more than 5 serums, moisturizers, and creams that you've purchased from the internet, the drug store, or an influencer-- and you're not using them strategically based on your skin goals and your energetic beauty archetype, then I know you've never seen significant results and you're always on the lookout for something better.

This is that something better.

Join our high-value collective of women all amplifying their skin intelligence, illuminating their beauty energy and consciously upgrading their self-image and identity.

Reverse the downward spiral of Unappreciated Beauty and activate your naturally glowing and beautiful Higher Self Beauty, today.

This is the Higher Self Beauty Effect and the Pathway is only available here.

Zoom Beauty Pathway Membership
Zoom Beauty Pathway Membership

Beauty Pathway Membership

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Your highest beauty pathway is unique to your Energetic Archetype and includes products, community, education, and guidance on exactly how to use them.

Your 90-day membership includes:

  • Petals Crème Cleanse
  • Refresh Anti-Oxidant Toner
  • 3-Day Quick-Start Guide for your Archetype
  • Higher Self Beauty Community
  • Monthly Group Skintuitive Session
  • 20% off everything in the store
  • Free Shipping
  • Savings at preferred vendors





You'll be sent a Petals Crème Cleanser + Refresh Toner every 90 days.

You'll have a 20% member discount for the other products you'll be recommended in your Pathway.

Once you sign up you will be sent access to the Pathway Portal where you'll get started setting yourself up for success with the 3 day quick start guide.

Your products will be arrive within 10 days of signing up.

As a member, when logged into the site, you'll enjoy an instant 20% savings on all products you purchase in the store.

Once a month you'll be invited to a LIVE Virtual Skintuitive Session with Amy, the other members of the Pathway and industry experts on Zoom, where we will experience a live group facial activation with massage and products.

PLUS: VIP perks and savings on skin tools, a high-vibe community and more!

A modeling contract took me to Paris in 1979 when I just turned 20. I have had facials, massages, healing treatments and hypnotherapy in many far off countries around the world; from all corners of Europe to multiple Caribbean islands, to Kenya, Morocco, India and beyond. As a professional model, I have experienced hundreds of treatments and at least as many products. If I could pick the best variety of wonderful treatments and products I could imagine, and roll them into one experience, that would be a virtual session with Amy. The combination of her method, and her magical products, far surpass any other experience I have had in my many years of seeking the perfect beauty treatment from the inside out. I am so grateful to have Amy to care for my skin and all-around well-being.

Jennifer Taylor Artist and International Model

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Your Archetype reveals the key elements of your soul skincare and beauty pathway to begin experiencing the Higher Self Beauty Effect.

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