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The Highly Visible Woman

There comes a time in your life when you're ready to change everything, including how you're showing up in the mirror and the world.

…without constantly getting injections, laser treatments, or medispa appointments.

…without spending money on products that don't work and aren’t right for your skin.

… and without costly surgeries or procedures

You will do it by: 

✔ Receiving a kit of tools and products that are the pinnacle of professional,  premium, and performance-grade technology, strength, and purity.

✔Learning the most advanced techniques to reverse facial aging to practice in the comfort of your home so that you can be the director of your biology and beauty and your own skin expert for life.

✔ Activating your body’s ability to generate and regenerate cellular energy and currency while freeing yourself from the myths and cultural projections about age.

✔ Feeling secure and confident in every moment, in your skin, and your life.

✔ Releasing 10 or more visible years, naturally.

Skip the surgeon, start here first.

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The Facial Experience at the

Spa at Noyo Harbor Inn

A super-conscious, holistic, beauty wellness journey including a full spectrum of performance-grade topical TimeLight skin nutrients to tighten, brighten and release facial tension and stress, located in the jewel of the Noyo Harbor on the beautiful Mendocino Coast

This sensory and frequency-based facial experience will leave you uplifted and glowing on every layer and level, from your skin to your soul.

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A modeling contract took me to Paris in 1979 when I just turned 20. I have had facials, massages, healing treatments and hypnotherapy in many far off countries around the world; from all corners of Europe to multiple Caribbean islands, to Kenya, Morocco, India and beyond. As a professional model, I have experienced hundreds of treatments and at least as many products. If I could pick the best variety of wonderful treatments and products I could imagine, and roll them into one experience, that would be a virtual or facial session with Amy. The combination of her method, and her magical products, far surpass any other experience I have had in my many years of seeking the perfect beauty treatment from the inside out. I am so grateful to have Amy to care for my skin and all-around well-being.

Jennifer Taylor Artist and International Model

Are you ready to show up and shine?

The {Higher Self} Beauty Pathway Membership

If you aren't able to see me in person for a facial, or work with me in a one-on-one program, The {Higher Self} Beauty Pathway Membership is for you.

We meet once a week, by Zoom, for a skintuitive skin session and energy activation + you get 20% off any products in the store + you get access to my entire library of masterclass activations.

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Zoom Beauty Pathway Membership
Zoom Beauty Pathway Membership
Zoom Beauty Pathway Membership

Beauty Pathway Membership

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The {Higher Self} Beauty Pathway

A new type of beauty membership.

Radiant, naturally glowing beauty is a result of your skin intelligence, your self-image, and your energy illumination...

We call it The Higher Self Beauty Effect

Because great products are only the beginning, the best way to get the Effect is with your unique Beauty Energy Archetype in the Pathway Membership.

You will get:

Welcome gift: Petals Crème Cleanse, a Refresh Toner, and a 1 oz Liquid Light. (value $192)

20% savings on all of the products in the store, bi-monthly live group sessions, and on-demand training in a virtual and private community mentorship setting.

You'll be sent a Welcome gift: Petals Crème Cleanse, a Refresh Toner, and a 1 oz Liquid Light. (value $192)

-20% savings on all of the products in the store

-Twice monthly live group sessions,

-On-demand video training

-Virtual +Private community mentorship setting.

Once you sign up, you will be sent access to the Beauty Pathway portal where you'll get started with setting yourself up for success with your archetype quick-start guide.

Your welcome gift will arrive within 10 days of signing up.

As a member, when logged into the site, you'll enjoy an instant 20% savings on all products you purchase in the store.

Twice a month you'll be invited to a hands-on LIVE Virtual Skintuitive Session with Amy, the other members of the Pathway and industry experts on Zoom, where we will experience a live group facial activation with massage and products.

PLUS: VIP perks and savings on skin tools and more!

Discover Your Beauty Energy Archetype

Your Archetype reveals the key elements of your soul skincare and beauty pathway to begin experiencing the Higher Self Beauty Effect.

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