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The Bright Rites Beauty Blueprint

Release up to 10 Visible Years, in less than a month, without inflammatory treatments or injections

A 21-Day Beauty Energy Immersive

Centered around 3 Weekly Rituals + Amy's Skin Reprogramming System

Reprogram your image, energy and skin with the Skintessa ™️ Higher Self Beauty Bright Rites

Beauty is an Energy, Not an Age

There comes a time in your life when you're ready to stop hiding, and start shining.

Including how you're showing up in your body, in the mirror, and in the world.

…without constantly getting injections, laser treatments, or medispa appointments.

…without spending money on products that don't work and aren’t right for your skin.

...without time consuming beauty gadgets or tools.

… and without costly and painful surgeries or procedures.

I know you're ready to reveal fresher, brighter energy and skin, but you aren't a match for inflammatory treatments, or empty promises...

Have you been wondering what else is out there that actually works?

This is it

What it is and how it works

The Bright Rites 21-Day Beauty Blueprint Challenge

It takes just 21 days, to create brighter skin, lighter energy and a revitalized relationship with your self image and Higher Self.

You'll be guided in an easy step-by-step immersive process that is intuitive, relaxing and fun.

Your 21-days is a jumping off point, and after these three weeks this way of practicing beauty will be a lifelong practice.

Plus, you'll receive an exclusive beauty tool and training you wont find anywhere else.


21-Day Blueprint with 3 weekly

1-Light Life Quantum Acupressure Tool & Training

1-Skintessence Oil from TimeLight Skin Nutrition.

{A value of over $2000}

Walk away from this experience with the a blueprint to creating beauty and radiance for the rest of your life.

Are you seeing changes

In The Mirror?

I see you, and if you’re anything like me, you could be...

Thinking of going all-natural, and asking yourself, “what’s the point of beauty?”


Investing in your skincare and exploring your options for aging beautifully.


Waking up early to do a morning routine.


Doing an array of supplements and possibly learning about biohacking

And then...

Exploring your consciousness in meditation regularly, or every now and then.

I bet you're also a bit like me and have a great work to share with the world, and being visible is important to you.

You also probably have more than 5 serums, creams, and moisturizers but don’t have a plan to use them based on your goals and the ingredients and formulas.

Because of this, you’ve never seen any real results with topical products and are always on the lookout for a better option.

You’re doing everything you think it takes to feel radiant from the inside, out, and still-- you're left feeling a little confused and overwhelmed, and often dull, when you look in the mirror.

So which is it? Going all-natural or fighting the good fight?

It’s almost like there are two paths, and you aren't sure which one to go down.

Believe me, I know the journey isn’t easy because I’ve already gone down both paths and discovered that each led to a dead-end.

Until I discovered the golden ground.

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You Do Have Time

You might be tempted to shrug this off and say you don't have time or even blame it on money.

But here's the thing.

You do.

The important part is to make sure that it's time and money well-spent.

Yes, you'll have to pay attention to yourself in a way that might feel uncomfortable at first, but once you get the hang of filling your cup like this, you'll be overflowing with beauty and wealth for the rest of your life.

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Glow Guarantee

If you don't achieve a before-and-after with noticeably brighter and lifted energy and skin, after following my easy, intuitive, time-saving system, in the space of 30 days, I will refund the entire amount of the program.

*This guarantee requires a one-on-one session with Amy and doesn't include a refund of any bonus products.

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