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The Alchemist

Your Beauty Energy Archetype

The Beauty Alchemist

Friend, you are The Beauty Alchemist— probably because you’re always turning lead into gold.

When it comes to magic, miracles, and mystery, you are a star. No wonder you’re so connected to the divine.

Your goal is to be at home in your human body, while still being connected to energy and magic.

I'm also an Alchemist, and that's why I created The Bright Rites!

For magical women like me, and you.

you aren't like the rest...

Your Super Powers

are a force of nature and you never take the path of average.

You aren’t down with mediocrity or maybes. You're either in, or you're out.

Your skin has always had a natural glow, and you'd like to keep it that way.

The flipside to this is that unless you get matched with a soul skincare/beauty routine that takes all of you into consideration, you could be experiencing tension, jawline tightness, and other facial aging conditions, and not know what the most powerful strategy for releasing them is.

Deep down, you know there has to be a magical way to regenerate radiance and beauty--but you haven't known how. Until now.

The Energy of The Alchemist

The voice of your Archetype is an inner, creative energy that can show you a different perspective without judgement.

You naturally have a connection with life-force energy and don't have to worry about losing your edge with beauty.

It's vital that you surround yourself with like-minded magic makers because eagles dont fly with turkeys... and that includes the type of beauty products and treatments, you are choosing, too. 🦅

{As long as you use your powers of discernment and alchemy to keep reaching for more magic in even the most mundane, you'll be in harmony with your Higher Self.}

Amy's Recommendation for The Beauty Alchemist

Begin the Bright Rites Beauty Blueprint
Zoom The Alchemist Beauty Energy Blueprint is a Cosmic Creatrix who is already her own best-kept beauty secret, but she could struggle with all-or-nothing skincare routines and visible stress and tension unless she has her unique beauty blueprint made of skin intelligence, energy illumination and self-image inside of a beauty energy ritual.

The Alchemist Beauty Blueprint

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The First Step On Your Superconscious, Higher Self Beauty Journey.

Your skin ritual journal and workbook will take you through wardrobing your existing skincare products and setting up a sacred beauty space.

Then, you'll be led to create an inner image to work with as you cultivate beauty and tend to your skin.

Once you identify what your ideal image of beauty looks and feels like to you, you'll activate an energetic blueprint for a more profound, intimate connection between you and your beauty products, you'll start directing your biology with new beliefs, and you'll be prepared for your next level in The Bright Rites.


  • 14-page printable journal 
  • A special video from Amy with exact instructions for your archetype
  • Guided Inner Image audio
  • Daily, Nightly & Weekly Skin Routines
  • The Daily I AM Ritual masterclass


Learn the Art, Science, and Magic of a Self-Appreciation Ritual and Unveil Your Light™️


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