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The Higher Self Beauty Blueprint

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The Higher Self Beauty Blueprint by The Skintessa, Amy Wall

Experience radiant beauty from the inside out with a personalized journey designed to promote glowing skin and inner radiance. 

This exquisite course is a powerful integration of energy work, intention setting, visualization exercises, proven skincare routines, and the formulation of super-conscious beauty rituals.

Discover the Higher Self Beauty Blueprint

The Higher Self Beauty Blueprint, is an exceptional online educational experience crafted by award-winning esthetician and energetic beauty visionary, Amy Wall.

This resource is jam-packed with recipes, shopping lists, guided meditations, printable journals, music playlists, tool tutorials, and everything else you need to experience the kind of radiant beauty that lights up every room you're in for a lifetime ✨

Why You Need It

Mainstream beauty is all about either selling you an illusion that never gets delivered or delivering results via inflammation, acids, or toxic synthetics.

But the good news is you can learn this easy alchemy and have an unfair advantage when it comes to using energy to heal, transform and radiate beauty.

Your skincare routine can become a powerful anchoring practice that activates your epidermal growth factor, tones your vagus nerve, stimulates your lymphatic system, improves your self-concept, and helps you experience more joy and abundance in every area of your life.

{Those who stay asleep to their cellular and spiritual energy could exhaust themselves using mainstream beauty solutions like injections, micro-needling, chemical peels, diet and exercise, and other modalities to change their face and body, while continuing to judge themselves as not good enough or being wrong, further perpetuating the exact opposite of what their desiring.}

Much like constructing a beautiful home requires a detailed blueprint, achieving a harmonious blend of cellular and spiritual radiance requires an equally intentional and visionary approach.

For a limited period, you gain the exclusive chance to collaborate directly with Amy via a 45-minute setup call, alongside invitations to quarterly meet-ups for personal guidance and seasonal updates to your Blueprint.

Higher Self Beauty Blueprint: Why You'll Love It

  • Connection with Your Higher Self: Fall in love with your expanded being and unleash authentic beauty from within under Amy's expert guidance and unique wisdom.
  • Tailored Skincare Rituals: Unearth customized skincare products and tools that sync perfectly with your specific skin needs, hand-selected by Amy Wall from her own line and other complimentary brands.
  • Expert Mentorship: Gain invaluable one-on-one instruction from Amy, a celebrated esthetician, and industry leader, through the beauty energy community and monthly meet-ups.

What People Are Saying

"This beautiful resource has completely revamped how I approach my skincare and really, the care of my whole being... Implementing Amy's practices daily has created a noticeable shift in my energy, my groundedness, and how I present myself. I experienced the difference almost immediately...." —Laura Nicholls

Love It, or Your Money Back: If you aren't absolutely delighted with the Higher Self Beauty Blueprint, contact us for a complete refund.

Amy Wall, The Skintessa

An award-winning esthetician and energetic beauty pioneer, Amy Wall is dedicated to superconscious beauty and is revered for her unique insights into consciousness and the skincare industry.

The creator of The Higher Self Beauty Blueprint & TimeLight Skin Nutrition with the groundbreaking 18-Hour Delivery System, Amy Wall will guide you in transforming your unappreciated beauty into superconscious radiance.

Unlock the potential of your Higher Self Beauty today! Experience Amy Wall's unparalleled approach to skincare and beauty, wholly personalized to serve you spirit to skin.

The Higher Self Beauty Blueprint


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About us

Small Batch Formulation

Formulated with the Highest Intention at a Naturopathic Compounding Pharmacy.

TimeLight Skin Nutrition uses only:

High-grade, ultra-premium, bioidentical, bioavailable and chirally-corrected topical ingredients-including:

Electrolytes, Slow Release Vitamin A,  Argireline Peptide, L-Sodium-Hyaluronate, L-Ascorbic Acid, Acetyl Glutathione, Phospholipids & Royal Jelly.

Preserved with Organic Honeysuckle.

TimeLight Skin Nutrition never sits on a shelf, until it gets to you.

Expertly Curated & Led

Amy Wall, our founder, was recognized as the top skincare expert in the United States, in 2016. An award given to her by 14 of the world's most preeminent ingredient manufacturers, formulators and skincare experts.

She was mentored by the Doctor who discovered the peptide for the cosmetics industry, and is a visionary in the world of beauty, and an expert to the experts.

Her Beauty Energy Archetype system replaces antiquated skin types and allows women to create a vision and and a strategy for their own next decade's face.

Community & Education

Higher Self Beauty is Deep Beauty

And skincare products are just touching the surface.

Everything on the current market of beauty has to do with controlling the outside symptoms of what is, at its core, an inner state and ignores the very real power right before our eyes and hands.

We think cultivating beauty is about what to put on our skin, when what it’s really about is looking deeply within.

Explore our method to amplify and activate our products with the Higher Self Beauty Effect.

TimeLight Skin Nutrition™️

18-Hour Nutrient Delivery

Upgrade the relationship to your skin through higher-quality topical formulas that feed the long-term health of your skin and improve your body’s capacity for creating cellular energy.

More flow, more glow.

Bioidentical, bioavailable and chirally-corrected topical ingredients-including:

Electrolytes, Slow Release Vitamin A,  Argireline Peptide, L-Sodium-Hyaluronate, L-Ascorbic Acid, Acetyl Glutathione, Phospholipids & Royal Jelly.

Preserved with Organic Honeysuckle.

Never sits on a shelf-until it gets to you.

Your Skin Is A Mirror

Superconscious Beauty...

is, first and foremost, about connecting with your self-image and Higher Self every time you touch your skin and look in the mirror. 

It’s about seeing past what is showing up in the present and projecting an expanded vision of how you choose to look and feel into the future and then walking toward it.

As it.

Discover Your Beauty Energy Archetype, next.

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