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Beyond Skincare: Understanding the Vital Role of Skin Nutrition in Achieving Healthy and Glowing Skin

TimeLight Skin Nutrition liposomal skin food

Beyond Skincare: Understanding the Vital Role of Skin Nutrition in Achieving Healthy and Glowing Skin.

Picture packaged food on a grocery shelf. 

Now, imagine a supercharged smoothie boosted with bee pollen and superfoods.

Which one does your body crave and benefit from more?

Most facial products you are familiar with and have used for years (yes, even high-end, clean ones) fall under the "skincare" category.

Skin "Care" must withstand sitting on multiple shelves before they reach you, hence the need for aggressive preservative systems or oil-only formulas.

They have ingredient decks that use skin conditioners, fillers, and trending "hero" ingredients that can't feed your skin.

If they contain active ingredients, they tend to get you a quick-fix, fast result through inflammation.

Skin irritated from acids, and retinol appears plump and shiny during the healing cycle, BUT you'll need to keep the process going if you wish to maintain the results.

The problem is that you aren't feeding the skin and improving its health long-term; you're just chasing a surface-level glow.

The even bigger problem is that you shorten the telomeres of your chromosomes and DNA whenever you force your skin into turning over new skin via inflammation.

Telomeres are structures made from DNA sequences and proteins from the ends of our chromosomes by forming a cap, like the plastic tip on shoelaces.

Cell division requires healthy telomeres.

With each cell replication, the telomeres get shorter and shorter until they are so short that your cells can no longer divide.

When cells no longer divide, tissues age.

However, telomeres can be rebuilt by an enzyme called Telomerase to restore cell division. 

If you think we've found the fountain of youth, think again!

If a cell keeps dividing uncontrollably and overcomes the limitations of telomeres, a cancerous tumor can form. This is why telomeres are so important.

Healthy cells achieve the necessary balance between limiting cellular lifespan--and your own longevity——and keeping cancer growth at bay. 

While many different compounds, usually anti-oxidants, protect telomeres; Glutathione is the only compound known to provoke the growth of new telomeres. 

It is, therefore, primary when it comes to regeneration processes and primary to almost every TimeLight Skin Nutrition formula.

Skin Nutrition is not only how we feed our skin internally, but a category of topical facial formulas, that goes beyond 'care' that I created in partnership with a Naturopathic Compounding Pharmacist, not a Chemist.

Unlike most skincare products, these formulas feed the skin with the same supplementation you would take internally.

Ingredients like:

  • Acetyl Glutathione
  • L-Ascorbic Vitamin C
  • Electrolytes
  • Retinaldehyde/ Retinal ( slow release Vitamin A)
  • Amino Acids 
  • L-Sodium-Hyaluronate
  • L-Ascorbic Acid
  • Phospholipids 
  • Royal Jelly

Other skincare products may have one or two of the above, but usually in negligible amounts or formulated with other, non bio-available, filler ingredients.

TimeLight Skin Nutrition has an 18-hour delivery system, which allows your cells to get a steady stream of nutrients that supports your skin's optimum cellular turnover cycle.

These nutrient-dense formulas focus on cellular energy.

Oxidation is the loss of electrons in a molecule. A loss of electrons in your body is a loss of energy.

If you want more Natural Glow Factor, a term I coined to describe the effects of optimum energy and nutrition and cellular turnover you need to start feeding your skin.

When you upgrade your relationship with your body through higher-quality topical formulas, you are feeding the long-term health of your skin and improving your body's capacity for creating cellular energy.

More flow equals more glow.

TimeLight formulas work long-term to increase your immune function, health, and energy in every cell.

They don't treat symptoms, conditions, or skin types. They work by feeding the health of your skin organ, which in turn, optimizes your cellular turnover rate.

An optimal turnover cycle provides fresh skin cells without residual damage.

TimeLight Skin Nutrition is lightly preserved with Organic Honeysuckle and never sits on a shelf until it gets to you.

It's fresh and active and will make lasting changes to your skin as a long-term investment rather than a revolving expense.

You wouldn't eat packaged food every day and expect your body to feel energetic or look healthy, so why are you doing that to your skin?

Switch to my bioavailable, bio-identical, nutrient, and compounded vitamin-based Skin Nutrition today.

Your face and body will thank you!

XO, The Skintessa | Amy Wall


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