Hi there, I’m Amy Wall and here's my story...

The world knows me as an award-winning skincare expert…

having been the #1 Esthetician in the United States in 2016.

An award given to me by 14 of the world’s most preeminent formulators, ingredient experts, and skincare scientists from around the world.

Prestigious, I know, but underneath it all, was a mid-life woman, who was deeply unappreciated and who had forgotten her magic.

My forties were spent feeling dull, invisible, and low-value.

I was aging and I would have done anything to prevent that from showing.

This included getting botox injections every three months, and even venturing into fillers for under my eyes, and laser treatments for my skin.

I was frantically- as if there was a hourglass winding down, trying to stop time.

I was in a Downward Beauty Value Spiral.

"I thought my only option was to fight the good fight and take the advice of nearly everyone around me, including an entire culture and industry of beauty."

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Then one day…

when I was 45, I found myself sitting in a plastic surgeon’s office receiving a consultation for my eyelid wrinkles when I heard the words that would change everything.

“Yes, you are a candidate for eyelid surgery.”

The thing is, I just wanted to know why my eyes had bunched up, and my eyebrows were lower than I remembered them to be.

I was expecting the doctor to say that there was nothing wrong with me and that she could offer me advice and guidance on why my face looked different.

Maybe there was a new light treatment or even a topical product.

But, no, she said, surgery was my only option.

That day, in that moment, everything changed.

The next chapter...

I was my own solution.

When the surgeon advised surgery, it shocked me awake.

It was a boundary that, if I crossed, would set me firmly on a slippery slope of self-modification via a sharp knife.

Years of self-criticism and unappreciation came to a head.

This pivotal moment was a turning point for me.

All of the control and resistance that I had been using in the guise of beauty, came crashing down.

I remembered who I was and that I was the solution to everything I was struggling with.

My goal became to reconnect with the divine spark and the higher, more expanded, and infinite part of me.

On that auspicious day, I walked away from that office and never did an injection or inflammatory, wounding, anti-aging treatment again.

So, how did I reclaim, empower and shift into Higher Self Beauty?

My personal before and after


August 2013


February 2022

The answer is inside...

The Higher Self Beauty Pathway

A new type of beauty membership.

If you are feeling dull and unappreciated-you need more than products.

The Pathway is a community with education, VIP benefits and the products you need for healthy, radiant, naturally glowing beauty and skin.

If you're reading this, and are actively looking for ways to reverse visible stress and tension, I invite you to join the Pathway today.

Discover for yourself-- that You are the Source of your Beauty.

I would be honored to show you the way.


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