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Amy Wall, founder of Higher Self Beauty, smiling in a white shirt surrounded by blooming flowers in a garden, embodying the art, science, and magic of beauty energy

Discover how my journey redefined beauty and led to the birth of my transformative approach.

Hi! I’m Amy Wall, but many know me as The Skintessa™️

The world knows me as an award-winning skincare expert, recognized as the #1 Esthetician in the United States in 2016 by 14 of the world’s leading formulators, ingredient experts, and skincare scientists.

Prestigious, I know. Yet beneath the acclaim, I felt deeply depreciated and had lost touch with my own magic.

My forties were marked by feelings of dullness, invisibility, and a diminished sense of value.

As I aged, I would have done anything to hide it—getting Botox every three months, experimenting with under-eye fillers, and undergoing various laser treatments. I was frantically trying to halt the sands of time, caught in what I call a Downward Beauty Value Spiral.

Little did I know, a transformative discovery awaited me.

"I believed my only choice was to fight the good fight, following the advice of everyone, including an entire culture and industry devoted to mainstream beauty"

Amy Wall, founder of Higher Self Beauty, looking contemplatively into a mirror with a gentle smile, symbolizing her pivotal realization about the need for holistic beauty solutions

the next chapter

At 43, I found myself in a plastic surgeon’s office, seeking answers for my eyelid wrinkles and sagging brows.

I wanted to understand why my face had changed, expecting advice or a non-invasive solution.

Instead, the surgeon said, ‘Yes, you are a candidate for eyelid surgery.’

I was shocked because I had hoped for reassurance, perhaps a new light treatment or topical product, but no, surgery was the only option she offered.

In that moment, everything shifted for me.

Amy Wall gently touching her face and looking into a mirror with a serene smile, symbolizing skin intimacy and introspection as part of the Light Lift Method

a new beginning

This moment became my turning point.

I sought a method that honored both my skin and spirit. Thus, the Light Lift Method was born

Beauty is an Energy, not an Aesthetic or Age

Amy Wall, founder of Higher Self Beauty, holding a nature-themed journal and looking contemplatively at the garden, symbolizing the connection between natural beauty and inner reflection.

The Real Reason

You're looking and feeling older...

has nothing to do with your chronological age, and everything to do with your self-image and energy.

My Personal Before and After...

Before: a decade ago my beauty routine was driven by fear and the relentless pursuit of perfection. I adhered to invasive treatments like Botox and fillers, hoping to mask the signs of aging.
This approach left me feeling disconnected from my true self and stuck in a cycle of constant self-criticism.
After: Embracing my unique quantum beauty method, I shifted from superficial fixes to nurturing a deeper connection with my skin, energy, and self-image.
Through innovative facial formulas and psycho-spiritual energy techniques, I rediscovered a profound sense of beauty and vitality that radiates from within.
This transformation has not only revitalized my appearance but also renewed my confidence and sense of self-worth.
I now approach each day with a fresh perspective on beauty, aligned with my true essence and I invite you to join me.
Amy Wall, before her transformation, relying on conventional beauty treatments and feeling disconnected from her true self
Amy Wall, after her transformation, radiating natural beauty and vitality through her unique quantum beauty method

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Discover Your Beauty Energy Archetype

In just a few minutes, you will tap into the essence of your inner and outer radiance.

Skin types are a myth, it's your beauty energy that matters!

bipoc women sitting together in nature representing the beauty energy archetypes