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The Light Lift Energetic Face Lift Program

For the woman who wants to love what and who she sees in the mirror again.

It’s time to look and feel beautiful without using a filter!

Get the tools, products, and rituals you need to enhance and restore the beauty that is naturally yours — without spending tens of thousands on Botox, fillers, and Medispa treatments.


Include a brief quote from a brand that loves your products

Include a brief quote from a brand that loves your products

Amy Wall award-winning Esthetician and Beauty Energy Visionary

Step on in

its a safe space here

who this program is really for

Does any of this strike a nerve?

  • When you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror, you only see what needs to be ‘fixed,’ and you can be pretty critical of yourself.
  • You’ve tried Botox and lip fillers but hated how it felt.
  • You only allow photos of you online with a filter on.
  • Your cabinets and drawers are full of all of the latest products (which, of most, you don’t use) on tik tok and Instagram because they ‘promised’ you big results
  • Your heart, soul, body, and skin crave something different than the hamster wheel of the current beauty paradigm.
  • You’re on autopilot with your skincare routine. It feels more like a chore than a self-love ritual.
  • The changes in your skin make you feel old, like your time to be beautiful is running out — you’re fearing the next decade.

…. If so, keep reading because I have a secret for you!

lean in for the secret

beauty is an energy...not an age

I love skincare products and use them every day but

Skincare products (or injections, for that matter) won't solve your aging skin problems. 

A conscious quantum beauty foundation will.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women restore their radiance by changing their mindset and energy by using a quantum approach to their skincare routine. 

Holly's 8-week transformation

“I came to Amy wanting a lower facelift, a nose job, laser resurfacing, and a treatment called Profound that tightens skin. As she started to work with me, I began to realize it was my own judgments on my skin and face that seemed to be transpiring at a rapid rate. Guess what? I started to glow again. My skin started to look shiny and fresh. I began to think a lot less about any surgery. I began to think — Damn, I look amazing, and I am 45 — when I looked in the mirror!

( I literally had already picked the surgeon and had a consult. He is one of the best in the world — it is a $75,000.00 procedure! ) So AMY ALSO SAVED ME A TON of MONEY AND PAIN.”

Face & Energy Lift for the woman who is ready to change it all.

Conscious, radiant beauty isn’t applied, injected, or cut out of you.

It is activated, accelerated, reclaimed, revealed and restored with a specific combination of tools, practices and conscious embodiment.

Because, what the mainstream beauty industry doesn't tell you is:

➡️ Lasers, Peels, and Retin-A thin the skin and damage your DNA permanently.

➡️ Injections create energetic dams that dull your energy and prevent maximum radiance.

➡️ Organic and natural skincare doesn’t always have equal effectiveness or higher quality.

➡️ Products alone will not get you to where you desire to go.

➡️ Cosmetic Surgery or procedures, without doing the inner work, is a recipe for regret and disassociation.

And the best part is that you have everything within you to have glowing skin and magnetic, successful energy. 

You CAN look and feel beautiful without Botox, fillers, or other painful procedures.

And you already have everything within you to have glowing skin and magnetic, successful energy — you just need the right tools and rituals to bring it out!

Amy Wall is an award-winning skincare expert and higher self beauty visionary

Hi, I'm Amy

I’m an award-winning Esthetician and an energetic beauty healer. I have been internationally recognized by 14 of the world’s most prestigious skin formulators and experts as the top Esthetician in the United States. 

I worked for the Wizard of Oz in the beauty industry, and not only did I get to see the “behind the curtain” stuff they never share, but I realized many of them were in it for the wrong reasons. 

Through it all, I discovered and reclaimed my cellular intelligence, strength, and courage to show up for myself and all the strong, beautiful women out there like YOU.

I realized that, like me, women were looking for…

  • Hope. The desire to feel uplifted and motivated, seeking beauty routines that enhance not only your skin but your energy.

  • Empowerment. A need for practices that put you in control, allowing for personal expression and the power to define their own standards of beauty.

  • Belonging. The need for community coupled with the recognition of their unique beauty and worth.

  • Age Freedom. The freedom from societal stereotypes, embracing practices that support cellular energy and maintaining a radiant glow.

They were looking for the truth. 

After 10 years, I walked away from it all

and created a proven method and longevity formulas to help women like you set a tone for celebrating everyday self-love and beauty generating rituals.

It IS possible to restore your glowing skin and experience what it feels like to look in the mirror and see that you really are beautiful — without injections or inflammatory treatments.

I can’t wait to support you, too! 



Amy's client's love her and get massive value from what she teaches


The Light Lift Method™️

A cutting-edge high-performance longevity formula, energetic beauty tools, and specific rituals to reduce up to 10 VISIBLE years without spending hundreds of thousands on injections or inflammatory treatments!

You can get back to the confident, beautiful woman that you LOVE — and sustain it for a lifetime.

are you ready?

Ditch the pressures of perfection and the outdated belief that being beautiful requires sacrificing your well-being…

Instead, embrace a quantum beauty revolution that empowers and uplifts on every level. 

When you join The Light Lift Method, you’ll get access to: 

(Over $5000 Value!)

  • Six weeks of guided support from an award-winning esthetician so that you'll not only witness a visible reduction in signs of aging but also experience a profound renewal of your skin's natural glow and resilience.

  • Three Live Group Calls where we’ll perform guided beauty rituals to activate your natural radiance and teach you how to maintain it.

  • Access to The Light Lift Method — a groundbreaking technique that combines quantum reality creation principles, practical implementations of the biology of belief, and sophisticated light and consciousness technologies to facilitate accelerated longevity and cellular renewal.

(Did I mention you’ll be one of the first to have access to and learn The Light Lift Method—the Future of Beauty that no one else in the world has access to?

The Light Lift Method 6-week energetic face lift program


Your Energetic Face-Lift Includes:

(Over $1,000 Value!) 

  • Member-only access to a 3-Step Ultra Premium High-Performance Longevity Facial Formulas formulated by myself and one of the top skincare formulators in the world! (This is not on the market—it’s only available for those inside the Light Lift Method Program.)  

  • A Red Light Mask with a special Infrared setting to rejuvenate your skin at a cellular level, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, improving skin tone, and boosting collagen production, and structuring EZ water.

  • A Quantum Acupressure Wand for enhancing facial contours, promoting lymphatic drainage, and relieving tension headaches and facial stress

  • 100ML Nano Ruby Colloidial Gold Spray celebrated for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing properties. It enhances the efficacy of skincare products, boosting blood circulation, aiding in the absorption of active ingredients, and protecting skin from damage caused by free radicals and environmental aggressors.

  • 100ML Nano Methylene Blue USP Grade 1% may help protect cells against oxidative stress, supporting mitochondrial function and Improving memory, energy production and cognitive function while reducing pain & inflammation.

The Light Life Method

more than just a beauty program

My method uses a specific combination of rituals and formulas, to reprogram your skin and reset your relationship to your reflection.

It’s an invitation to transform your relationship with your whole self, reclaim your radiance, and embrace a quantum approach to beauty that lasts a lifetime. 

Ditch the endless cycle of trendy products and empty promises and say hello to a future where your beauty shines from the inside out.

Learn the method once and use it forever.

When you add it all up, that's a grand total of $6000

(Not to mention the thousands you’ll save on products that don’t work, over $15k on injections or laser treatments, $30-$ 50k on cosmetic surgery, and the list goes on.)

Instead, you’ll get access to expert guidance, education, exclusive skincare products that not only work but they’re not full of harsh chemicals, and so much more for only $1997! 

You’ll also get access to these exclusive BONUSES when you join today!

An entire library full of beauty education and energy rituals for unlocking your skin's full potential and revitalizing your energy field. This is designed to deepen your understanding of intuitive beauty practices to empower you to look and feel radiant from the inside out.

This is valued at over $1K but in reality is priceless, because this is the only place to learn it.

The Energetic Beauty Energy Archetype has a unique pathway of self image, skin intelligence and energetic illumination

Your Glow Guarantee

When you join The Light Lift Method™️ Program, it’s a mutual commitment: I provide unparalleled support, expert knowledge, and a roadmap to radiant beauty; you bring your dedication, your openness to change, and your readiness to engage deeply with the process.

This program is designed for those serious about their personal development and willing to invest time and effort into their beauty and wellness journey. 

When women in my circle fully engage with the program—embracing the rituals, integrating the practices into their daily lives, and applying the quantum principles I teach—they experience deep, life-enhancing, visible results.

Therefore, I guarantee to provide you with all the tools, knowledge, and support you need to achieve visible and lasting transformation.

Your success is my success, and I am deeply invested in helping you unlock your skin’s full potential and step into a more radiant, confident version of yourself.


Am I investing in just another skincare routine?

No, you’re investing in a combination of beauty principles, cellular-level healing techniques, and personalized self-care rituals that go beyond surface-level treatments. This program is designed to enhance your skin's appearance and transform your relationship with your whole self, promoting lasting changes from the inside out. It’s a quantum approach encompassing mind, body, and spirit, offering you tools for radiant skin and a magnetic presence.

How much time should I expect to invest in this program?

Expect to invest just two hours a week over the course of 8 weeks, totaling 14 hours for a lifetime of age freedom.

This program is designed to fit easily into your life, making it manageable alongside your daily commitments. 

This is not just another beauty program. It’s an investment in rediscovering your beauty, harnessing your inner strength, and unlocking a radiant, age-irrelevant appearance.

I’ve already invested so much in products and treatments; how do I know this will work for me?

I get it. I’ve been there, too. Navigating all the beauty products and treatments and empty promises that often fall short can be overwhelming.

However, this program is different. The investment is less than the cost of just one 30-minute appointment at a medspa, the average facelift cost of $50,000, or the thousands spent on skincare products that don’t deliver. 

This isn’t just a transaction.

It’s an investment in restoring your radiance from within. With a willingness to engage, shift beliefs, and embrace this journey, you will release up to 10 visible years.

I’m an Esthetician. Can I sign up for this and start teaching it to my clients?

I encourage all women to sign up. However, this program is designed primarily for personal transformation and self-discovery. It’s meant for you to experience and embody first. 

If you’re interested in licensing this trademarked and copyrighted methodology in your business, I have a special program just for you that allows you to learn and use these principles-AFTER you've taken the program as my client.

This licensing program includes comprehensive training, materials, and support to ensure you can confidently offer these transformative beauty solutions to your clients.

What if I already have an LED Light?

The LED light mask I use has an infrared setting that's vital to the specific method I teach. You may consider gifting the one you already have to a sister, daughter, mother or friend!

What if I can't attend the live meetings?

There is magic in the live sessions, but everything is recorded, and the method is designed for you to do on your own.

What are the dates and details of the program?

The cart opens on May 9th and closes on May 17th.

Your products and tools are shipped on May 20th.

We have a kick-off call Sunday May 26th, which begins our 8 week experience and access to your online training materials and videos.

We have calls on June 9th, and June 23rd.

You graduate July 14th with a closing ceremony.

Throughout it all we will have a community hub right here on my website so we can stay connected and uplifted.

Who should NOT take this program?

You should not take this program is you are pregnant, nursing or under the care of a Doctor for any condition.

My method can interfere with SSRIs/Antidepressants and are a contraindication.

Beauty is an energy, not an aesthetic or age

One Day, or Day One?

It's Decision Time

You can stay stuck, skip the quantum beauty foundation, and go straight to the procedures, OR you can get access to a PROVEN 360° approach that WILL restore and rejuvenate your skin and your entire energetic body! It WILL connect you with the one true source of all beauty, truth, and goodness—LOVE. 

You’ll have the tools, rituals, and know-how to sustain fresher, beautiful, radiant-looking skin for a lifetime!

If you're still scrolling

Read this before you go...

( my personal results are so much more than physical, but check out my 12 year before and after.)

The biggest lie that you and I have been told is that, as women, we are in a progressive state of decay and decline and that we must constantly and consistently stave off and freeze time.

Many of my clients come to me thinking that they want firmer, brighter, and younger-looking skin, but the truth is they are actually desperate to experience what being fully loved and self-sourced feels and looks like.

The trouble with looking outside of ourselves is that products and treatments only work as deeply as we have gone into ourselves — true radiance is an inside job.

Looking to fix wrinkles, sagging skin, and dark spots with products, injections, or surgery alone is like trying to fill an empty well.

It will never be enough.

Maybe you’ve looked in the mirror and felt like you were not enough.

I have, too.

There was a time when I was so desperate for the feeling of enoughness that I consumed every injection and product. 

I even considered eyelid surgery to stop the overwhelming feeling of being close to my expiration date.

Instead of feeling better, I felt worse, and I finally had to take a long, hard look at myself in the mirror.

It was there that I discovered—I didn’t love myself.

This lack of self-love was not only impacting how I felt and looked but was also manifesting in poor energy levels, troubled relationships, a poor money mindset, and a total lack of ease, joy, and trust.

It took a near-total breakdown for me to wake up and finally see that every facet of my life was a reflection and that if I desired to see something different, a totally new way of being would be required.

And so, I set out to create a roadmap for myself and all women to approach beauty and aging in a WHOLE, new way.

The Light Lift Method was created. It is a 360° approach to restoring and rejuvenating not only your skin but your entire energetic body and connection with the one true source of all beauty, truth, and goodness-- L O V E. 

The Light Lift Method is a eight-week program that is an energetic alternative to cosmetic surgery, injections, or inflammatory treatments.

You WILL release 10 or more VISIBLE years when you emerge from this experience. 

And, along the way you will learn to tune in and turn on an inner radiance that never runs dry.

Are you ready to let go of painful beauty stories and begin again?

I’m ready to support you when you are! 

(But don’t wait too long; there are only 18 spots inside this first round, AND they will go quickly! This is THE lowest investment you’ll ever see as you’re one of the very first women to access this proven method and high-performance tools formulas not sold anywhere else in the market!)

So, what are you waiting for? 

I’ll see you soon!