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Amy Wall

Beauty is an energy, not an age.

As an award-winning Esthetician I went from resisting wrinkles and aging with injections and control, to discovering the secret to regenerating radiance with the power of skin intelligence, my self-image, and my cellular/spiritual energy.

I left behind the smoke and mirrors of the world of lowercase beauty and pioneered a beauty restoration method that will change the way you view yourself as you age.

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A modeling contract took me to Paris in 1979 when I just turned 20.

I have had facials, massages, healing treatments and hypnotherapy in many far off countries around the world; from all corners of Europe to multiple Caribbean islands, to Kenya, Morocco, India and beyond. As a professional model, I have experienced hundreds of treatments and at least as many products.

If I could pick the best variety of wonderful treatments and products I could imagine, and roll them into one experience, that would be a Skintuitive Session with Amy.

She skillfully combines her beautiful energy and guidance, a soothing environment and music, to set the tone for what one could only call a spiritual meditative journey that you wish would go on for hours.

The combination of the above, with her TimeLight products far surpass any other experience I have had in my many years of seeking the perfect facial routine from the inside out.

Jennifer Taylor International Model & Artist
Zoom Experience the magic of Skintuition with a virtual facial with award-winning Esthetician and Beauty Visionary Amy Wall.
Zoom Skintuitive Session with Amy Wall

Skintuitive Session with Amy Wall

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Experience the magic of Skintuition with a virtual, one-on-one facial session.

As a Superconscious Beauty Catalyst, I created this virtual face-to-face because I know you're already researching different skincare solutions, dabbling in homecare tools like microcurrent or LED light, and following some well-known beauty influencers trying to figure out what the best course of action for preventing and reversing the stress starting to become visible on your skin.

You might be doing all the “right” things but still, struggle with…

-Mystery skin issues

-Avoiding the mirror

- 5 or more expensive skin “care” products in drawers or cabinets, some of which you don't use.

-Researching injections and other medical procedures

-Becoming dependent on photo filters

-Skipping the energetic beauty foundation and going straight to medical interventions

-Feeling Invisible

-Fearing your next decade

If you're ready to deepen the relationship with the skin you're in, understand the patterns of your skin conditions, and re-establish a relationship with your radiance.

One session with me could change everything--save time and money and allow every product, tool, and procedure to work better for the rest of your life.

During this 60-minute session, you'll experience a virtual facial where I'll stream light key frequencies into your skin and then guide you through a channeled, freestyle facial massage of your chest, neck, and face to release stuck emotions and tension patterns at the root.

You will experience and receive:

-A customized Beauty Blueprint with the daily, nightly, and weekly products, tools, and practices I  recommend (including the ones you already own), and access to the digital Beauty Blueprint if you don’t already have it.

 -A recorded session to review at your leisure.

-A channeled facial massage with light key frequencies and intuitive messages.

Once you purchase the Skintuitive Session, you'll receive a link to book your session and a list of items you'll need to have nearby during the call.

The fine print:

-These calls are held on Zoom and have a 48-hour cancellation window for booked appointments.

-Refunds are for store credit only. 

-Packages and on-site retreats available.

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