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Higher Self Beauty

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The Skintessa™️

Amy Wall

Beauty is an energy, not an age.

As an award-winning Esthetician I went from resisting wrinkles and aging with injections and control, to discovering the secret to regenerating radiance with the power of skin intelligence, my self-image, and my cellular/spiritual energy.

I left behind the smoke and mirrors of the world of lowercase beauty and pioneered a beauty restoration method that will change the way you view yourself as you age.

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Unveil Your Light™️

The Bright Rites

You said you were ready to be more visible.

You're wondering what the options are for revitalizing your energy and skin, naturally...

You asked, I listened, and here we are at the precipice of a whole, new way of doing beauty.

I Will Guide You

“This morning, I started my day with the Magic Mirror Room visualization I learned in The Bright Rites, and I can honestly say I don't remember the last time I started my day feeling so energized and positive. I can't wait to rewatch the workshop and use these techniques with Amy's incredible skin formulas. If you struggle with ANY sort of skin issues or if you're feeling ready to take your glow to the next level, do yourself a huge favor and sign up for the Brite Rites, right now! “

Emily Sorlien Bright Rites Ritualista

The Inside Glow Blog

Sustainability Begins With You

Don't let your well run dry. The town I call home, Mendocino, has been in the news because of unprecedented water shortages and multiple wells running dry. Water, the very...

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Where Beauty Gets it Wrong

It seems self-evident that radiance doesn't come from a bottle, a knife, or a needle. Still, according to Grandview Research,, the dermal filler market alone-- reached 3.8 billion USD in 2020....

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Discover Your Beauty Energy Archetype

Your Archetype reveals the key elements of your soul skincare and beauty pathway to begin experiencing the Higher Self Beauty Effect.

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