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How to Quit Botox

Amy Wall 10 year before and after quitting Botox

How to Quit Doing Botox

Have you glanced at yourself in the mirror recently and noticed an overly shiny forehead or one eyebrow sitting higher than the other? 

Or are you frustrated with your overly smooth forehead compared to the rest of your face?

Maybe even worried about the potential side effects from the black box warning label...

Or perhaps you are tired of shelling out $500 or more every three months to maintain the appearance of having no expressions, and hence, no worries.

Whatever your reason for quitting facial injections, I've got you covered!

The Emotional Journey of Quitting Botox

Before we get into how I successfully stopped getting injections, I first need to acknowledge that quitting facial injections is not something to take lightly.

I know firsthand how scary it can be to stop doing something you have become accustomed to having and seeing in place on your face.

I went through all the feels when I decided to stop getting Botox injections, and you can read all about that in a previous article I wrote: 

"Why I stopped getting Botox." The gist is that my Botox Bottom was having a blepharoplasty surgery recommended to me after my eyelids started drooping and bunching—when, in fact, it was the Botox causing it.

Looking back, after a decade of having an injection-free face, I can say it was worth it, and I am so glad I decided to stop using Botox Cosmetic. 

NO--I'm playing it safe.

The truth is that I'm ecstatic and so damn grateful that I trusted myself and decided to INVEST in my natural face.

I chose to stop injecting my face when I realized that I was addicted.

I was addicted to seeing a smooth, lifted forehead.

I was addicted to not being visually reminded of my feelings and patterns.

I was addicted to trying to blend in and look like what I saw in the media.

I was rejecting and paralyzing different facets of myself that I was not willing to FACE.

When I decided to quit, one of the first things that happened was feeling extremely sad as the neuromuscular blockers wore off.

 All the feelings I had FROZEN with Botox began to thaw, and I did have a period where I was profoundly processing my stuck emotions.

So, if you decide to take this journey, be easy with yourself and consider adding in EFT tapping, a deep breathing practice, journaling, and somatic work as you feel your way through this transition. >>> mini-course in membership

The most important thing to remember is that I am teaching you to create a new beauty blueprint for yourself.

You quit doing Botox by creating a new {Higher Self} beauty blueprint.

Think about building a house.

If all you had were the frame, interior, and no foundation, you would live on shaky ground.

A beautiful home requires engineering and a foundation.

Using facial products, tools, and injections without a plan is like trying to build a house without a blueprint.

Your plan is a blueprint for your consciousness to direct your biology. Your map for how you want your face to look.

Your body is already working off of a blueprint and plan, so the first place to start is to have an introspective inspection.

Start with your self-image. 

Your self-image is the gatekeeper to your subconscious. Every thought, feeling, and belief, including ancestral beliefs, are stored as an energetic imprint and image within your self-image and identity.

The self-image is a compilation and composite of all those impressions.

Your self-image can be changed and reprogrammed, but first, it needs witnessing

Building a relationship with this part of you will become one of the most powerful tools in your life--and not just for beauty. 

Secondly, you must change your relationship with your reflection and your face. 

Because this isn't about your skin-- it's about facing YOU.

Next, you spend some time in the mirror looking at the planes and curves of your muscles, bones, and skin.- What do you appreciate and love, and what areas bring fear and doubt?

Note: you may need support in doing this 

Now, you decide HOW YOU DESIRE TO LOOK.

Yes, you can do that. 

Is this the first time anyone has ever given you this permission?

Benefits of Visualization in Beauty Routines

Spend some time creating an inner image.

Seeing yourself with your eyes closed is the tool we will use to reprogram your self-image.

Visualization is a muscle that gets stronger with use, and this will become a daily practice.


I created an easy process called "Drifting and Dawning" that can become a part of your daily ritual and routine. The time right before drifting off to sleep and dawning awake are the most potent times of day to visualize. Waking up and falling asleep is when your brain is in the programmable Theta state and will readily accept new beliefs and patterns, like water seeping through bricks.


  1. Drifting - with your head on the pillow, spend a few minutes cultivating your self-image as you go to sleep.
  2. Dawning - again, when waking up, cultivate your inner image and take an extra few minutes to color your vision in with all of the thoughts, feelings, experiences and goals you have for your day. It's an incredible technique for actualizing your best day.

(A full training is inside The Light Lift)

The muscles will move again 3-4 months after your last injection. When this happens, it's time to celebrate!

Your body is a fantastic miracle of regeneration and rejuvenation.

Please take this time as your face comes back to life to love and appreciate the miracle of movement. 

Fresh movement and fresh flow are the secrets to a Higher Self-glow.

Young people are young-looking because of their fresh energy; you can activate fresh energy at any age.

Energetic is the New Young.

You must create energy-generating rituals during this time to help you transition from frozen to fresh.

This is not a quick fix. 

This lifestyle shift has positive effects that will ripple through your relationships, money, and personal success.

Now, let's move on to products and tools.

Remember what you decided you desired to look like a few steps back?

Let's go back to that step.

What if you like looking smooth and stretched? 

That's OK and perfectly great to choose and decide!

You can still achieve that if you genuinely desire to without injections.

You may want to look brighter, fresher, more radiant, and happier. 

None of those states of being are correlated with a specific outer appearance. 

They are internal and subjective, so defining your appearance is the challenge.

This could mean that you identify a desire for your neck to be more lifted, your eyes to be less crepey, and the folds between your nose and cheeks to be liftedetc

Right now, look in the mirror and decide what this is for you and what it looks like.

There is no shame in wanting to change your appearance in some way or another.


A nurse, a doctor, or a skin expert doesn't know what's best for you.

Only you know what's best for you.

It might mean you decide to continue using injections because you LOVE what it does for you, and it's a tool you can build with. 

Hear me: You can love and approve of yourself just as you are now and choose to change.

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, I change" Carl Rogers.

If you have invested the time in creating an inner image that correlates with the greatest physical expression you can imagine– you're now ready to build with tools.

When selecting products and tools to use, there are ingredients and technology that will help you achieve different results.

Again, we circle back to how you desire to look and feel!

Different tools will give different results, so it's fun to use your skincare knowledge and then continue to educate yourself even more.

(I supply my favorite age-supporting products and tools in the Light Lift Method™)

The market has endless possibilities and options, but the most critical point is that a product or tool isn't your savior. 

If you are ready to release your Botox dependence, following my instructions above can be your new blueprint.

To experience a Light Lift™️, you must have the elements of skin intelligence, self-image, and energy illumination all working together in harmony.

When this happens, you'll be the programmer of the game of beauty instead of being programmed to play it–and you'll never be dependent on Botox again.

Have fun!

The results my clients and I are looking for are typically firm, bright, even-toned, glowing, and radiant.

My Favorite Topicals To Soften Topical Wrinkles and Firm the Skin:

Retinaldehyde for a Naturally Radiant Complexion

In the pursuit of healthy, resilient skinRetinaldehyde stands out due to its gentler approach compared to its Vitamin A counterparts. Acting as a less irritating form of Retinol, it's well-suited for those who wish to encourage skin rejuvenation and resiliency. With consistent use, Retinaldehyde can aid in enhancing skin texture and promoting an even skin tone without the aggressive side effects commonly associated with stronger retinoids. This makes Retinaldehyde an excellent choice for maintaining the skin's natural health and luminosity without pushing an anti-aging agenda.

The Role of Peptides in Skin Wellness: Featuring Argireline

Peptides, the building blocks of proteins in the skin, can be vital in supporting the skin's natural processes. They are not just about correcting or reversing the signs of aging – they play diverse roles, including fortifying the skin's barrier, supporting hydration, and maintaining the skin's overall health. Argireline specificallyhelps in managing the muscle movements that contribute to expression lines, by modulating how facial muscles respond to constant movement. This promotes a more relaxed and refreshed appearance, contributing to a rested and calm complexion, which is a part of your skin's innate vitality.

Choosing Holistic Skin Health Enhancement Tools

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to help support skin health, with settings that can address various concerns. Red LED light stimulates mitochondria and can help build collagen and elastinwhich can enhance the skin's natural glow and overall appearance. 

I have discovered a way to combine red light therapy with a specific hydration protocol and visualization, to exponentialize the results.

Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent is another tool that aligns well with the principles of skin wellness rather than anti-aging. Providing gentle electrical stimulation can help maintain the natural contours of the face and encourage a healthy skin environment. Think of it as a form of exercise for the facial muscles, promoting good skin health and functionality.

How to Use Gua Sha for Enhanced Skin Vitality

Finally, the ancient practice of Gua Sha is a perfect illustration of a skin health-focused treatment. It's not about changing the skin's natural aging process but about enhancing circulation, supporting lymphatic drainage, and allowing the skin to function optimally. 

It's a soothing and beneficial practice that is as much about wellness and self-care as it is about maintaining the skin's natural appearance.

Use any Gua Sha stone with high-quality facial oil and after opening up lymphatic pathways, use outward stroking movements that move down the neck and towards the heart.

My clients learn how to program their Gua Sha stones with powerful skintentions and use them as a personal power stone.

Crafting a Skin Wellness Regimen

It's essential to focus on supporting the skin's natural health and vitality without framing it as a fight against aging, if you desire to quit Botox.

Incorporating thoughtful use of visualization, intentional ingredients and holistic tools such as LED Light Therapy, Microcurrent, and Gua Sha can be fundamental elements that honor the skin's integrity and help you see a happy, healthy glowing woman in the mirror.

It's about celebrating your skin at every stage of life and providing it with the nutrients and care it needs to look and feel its best in a non-invasive, health-forward way.

If you would like help on your journey, I'd be delighted to welcome you in to my Light Lift Method program. It's the only energetic facelift program on the market, and will forever change the way you view yourself and are viewed as you age.

Check out my 10 year before and after, in the image above for inspiration! Quitting Botox, and replacing it with cellular and spiritual energy is the best thing I have ever done for my face. I'd love to help you get a permanent glow-up too.

Get started with my free Energetic Beauty Evolution workbook and guided visualization. It's the prep for my Light Lift and is my gift to you.