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From Overwhelmed to Naturally Glowing: Unlock Your Higher Self Beauty

From Overwhelmed to Naturally Glowing: Unlock Your Higher Self Beauty

From Overwhelmed to Naturally Glowing: Transforming Your Beauty Routine

10 Keys to Higher Self Beauty

Feeling overwhelmed by the numerous skincare options on the market and worrying about aging can leave you feeling unappreciated and lacking a radiant glow.

Fear not, as these 10 keys will help you connect to your Higher Self Beauty and achieve a naturally glowing complexion and a radiant self-image for a lifetime.

1. Embrace Rituals in Your Skincare Routine

Add intention, focus, and awareness to your daily skincare practice instead of just going through the motions. This will make your routine more meaningful and effective.

2. Maximize Your #Skinvestment

Keep your current skincare products on a beautiful tray or basket where you can see them. This will ensure you use them regularly and prevent them from expiring or losing potency.

3. Prevent Product Overwhelm and Practice Sustainability

Donate, return, or recycle products that don't work for you. Finish each product before starting a new one and commit to a sequence for the best results with the least amount of products.

4. Focus on Ingredients, Not Brands

Purchase products based on their ingredients rather than brand names to maximize your results. Here are my favorites: Skincare Ingredient Dictionary

5. Cultivate Inner Peace and Self-Love

Be kind to yourself while applying facial formulas. Hold a loving presence with your reflection and let judgments pass without attachment.

Allow this to be a daily practice.

6. Enhance Your Glow with Daily Massage

Give yourself a mini-massage each time you use your products, particularly during serum application. Tapping massage (tapotement) can stimulate energy pathways and enhance product penetration.

7. Boost Your Self-Confidence with the I AM Presence

Repeat two "I AM" statements while performing your tapping massage and maintaining eye contact. Choose one internal and one external state, such as "I AM focused" and "I AM radiant." Hold and feel the I AM state deeply. 

8. Connect with Your Self-Image through Visualization

Visualize your desired state and feel it deeply in your body as if it has already happened. This will powerfully guide you to your next level of results and allow you to craft and sustain a powerful beauty blueprint

9. Practice Self-Compassion

Remember that there's always the next moment, and self-criticism is more detrimental than forgetting to wash your face.

I give you permission to unconditionally love and accept yourself, no matter what, from here on out.

10. Elevate Your Self-Acceptance with Higher Self Beauty

Be intentional, mindful, clear, conscious, and present when touching your face and looking in the mirror. Your cells and inner Self are listening.

Embracing Higher Self Beauty involves nurturing your mind, body, skin, and true Self on a daily basis. This practice will help you break free from societal norms and expectations around beauty and aging, making the process enjoyable and fear-free.


XO, Amy Wall | The Skintessa

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