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The Beauty Energy Archetypes: A Superconscious Beauty Evolution

The Beauty Energy Archetypes: A Superconscious Beauty Evolution

Skin types are a marketing myth and don't help you to have better or more beautiful skin.

They are a surface-level and antiquated system and fail to consider your energy or natural inclinations.

They exist to sell you products.

Reacting to our oily, dry, or sensitive skin conditions with a label and choosing/using products and procedures designed to "fix" those labels keeps us in a loop of reacting to symptoms and never getting to the root of what our skin is expressing.

Controlling what we deem "wrong" about our skin leaves us missing the incredible opportunity to allow our skin to communicate with us.

In reality, there are as many skin types as people on Earth.

Your skin type is a unique composite of your ancestors, your personality, your relationships, your emotions, your environment, your lifestyle, your nutrition, your movement,  your sorrow, and your joy.

Your Higher Self Beauty Energy Archetype is the evolution of skin typing.

It's a new lens for beauty that'll give you an energetic blueprint and soul skincare ritual pattern to boost and build your skin communication, reprogram your self-image and increase your body's ability to radiate energy.

The {Higher Self} Beauty Energy Archetypes are The Superconscious Skin Solution for outdated, non-effective skin types and boring skin routines.

A new way to type yourself, considering your energy and self-image– not just your visible skin conditions.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see an outer representation of your inner energy through the lens of your self-image.

Some of these energies are wired at the genetic level; some are epigenetic, and some are psychological.

How you look is directly related to how you feel about yourself.

No amount of glass skin serums will be able to change this.

We all have a skindividual expression of energy contained within the shape of our skin.

It's important to honor that truth and learn a pattern, shape, and blueprint you can comfortably lean into and transform un-appreciation into radiant, superconscious beauty.

Your Beauty Energy Archetype is a personal mythology pattern--an inner authority and muse.

A brilliant way to honor your unique skindividuality and harness the power of a power pattern and shape.

Archetypes are woven into the fabric of our being and are a natural way to look at the patterns we most naturally identify with and embody at any given stage.

The voice of your Archetype can show you different perspectives without judgment and help you show up and shine your light.

The 5 Beauty Energy Archetypes are The Guide, The Protector, The Energetic, The Artist, and The Alchemist.

They are jumping off points for practicing superconscious beauty.

They show you where you shine the brightest, the most easily, and where you could lose or give away your power when it comes to the way you look, how you cultivate beauty and how you take care of your skin.

"The Evolution of Conscious Beauty is Superconscious Beauty Energy."

The Four Stages of Beauty Consciousness

  • Unconscious Beauty is buying products and using cosmetic procedures out of reaction to your skin conditions and from other people's recommendations--not your own intuition.
  • Conscious Beauty means clean ingredients and sustainable practices that should be the standard. It's time to include the higher and lower levels of our Self--who's really in charge of how much results we will receive. It's what's been sorely missing from the conscious beauty conversation.
  • Subconscious Beauty lies beneath your skin's surface: your self-image. We all walk around with massive libraries of subconscious beauty standards and norms that, if they remain unexamined, will limit the amount of beauty, joy, health, and wellness you can experience and hold.
  • Superconscious Beauty is, first and foremost, about connecting with your self-image and Higher Self every time you touch your skin and look in the mirror. It's about seeing past what is showing up in the present and projecting an expanded vision of how you look and feel into the future and then walking toward it. As it.

Deepening your levels of self-awareness through an energetic beauty archetype is the evolution of unconscious, unappreciated beauty into superconscious beauty energy.

This will give you your natural inclination and shape for practicing self-appreciation that will make your skincare and beauty routines SING, no matter how dry or oily your skin may be today!

Discover your beauty 'Why' and the most comfortable way you show up and shine with your Beauty Energy Archetype. 

A whole new way to relate to and reset the relationship to your reflection while increasing your energy and glow system-wide.

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