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What if there's a way to use beauty as a self-pleasure practice? When you're ready...join us in the BMC

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The New Beauty Narrative: Embracing Both Self-Love and Transformation

The New Beauty Narrative: Embracing Both Self-Love and Transformation

The New Beauty Narrative: Embracing Both Self-Love and Transformation

The Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty Dilemma 

If I asked, most holistic beauty enthusiasts would tell me that beauty should emanate from the inside, out.

Yet, despite investing significant time and money into products, tools, superfoods, biohacking, procedures, and coaching, they still feel like the inner or outer piece is somehow missing. 

The reason: an ongoing mental tug-of-war fed by media and our inherited beliefs.

On one end of the spectrum - Inner Beauty is accompanied by self-acceptance. 

On the other - Outer Beauty is teamed with the desire for change.

If I modify my appearance, it could be interpreted as a lack of self-acceptance. 

Yet, if I fully embrace my current physical manifestation, I could be forsaking my potential for improvement and personal transformation.

Interestingly, these contradictions mirror the conflict between the beauty industry, which champions change, and the self-love movement, which advocates acceptance. 

These dual forces, at odds with each other, end up causing confusion. 

They foster an exploitative relationship between our inner and outer beauty, suggesting that as one thrives, the other must inevitably suffer.

The way forward isn't about choosing sides. Instead, there might be a more enlightened path. 

Transforming this exploitative relationship into a supportive, mutually beneficial one can allow us to reap the benefits of both worlds. 

This involves acknowledging your present self while embracing your power to effect change.

"The curious paradox is when I accept myself, then I change" Carl Rogers.

If you've found yourself feeling confused about the way forward, this is exactly what I'd tell you if we were speaking in person.

1. Start by loving and appreciating yourself exactly who, what, when, how and why you are.

2. Next set yourself a tangible goal. Invest the time to decide what you are willing to transform and change.

3. A primary focus should be a Both, And approach to beauty. 

The most stunning person in the room isn't just physically appealing but also gleams with mental and emotional well-being plus a sense of more-than-enoughness.

4. Develop a multi-dimensional beauty routine that combines the usual aspects of skincare with self-love rituals. Incorporate energy practices such as visualization and frequencies for best results with topical care.

5. Take the time to express gratitude for your body, your appearance, and all the inherent gifts they offer.

6. Last but not least, celebrate your power to effect change!

You are a regenerative being constantly in a state of allostasis and transformation. 

Remember, you get to write your own beauty story. 

You decide how you want to present yourself to the world, and how you feel while doing it.

You can feel secure in your current identity while fearlessly identifying with your newest version.

Striking a balance between acceptance and transformation lets you carve a path that is uniquely yours.

And that's the real beauty of it. This journey isn't just about being--it's about becoming.

So, stay true to who you are now, while courageously stepping in to who you'd like to be.

If you are ready to step up and be seen and supported by me and a magical community of like-hearted women, join in the Beauty Magic Club!

It's where this conversation, and so much more is continuing to be written.

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