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Beauty Magic Club membership
bipoc women sitting together in nature representing the beauty energy archetypes
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$195.00 Regular price

Cultivate beauty bioenergy in the many, small, liminal moments throughout your day with The Beauty Magic Club.

From your morning skincare routine to the energy you consume from foods, drinks, and media and even how you wind down your night, every moment offers a chance to replenish your well-being and fortify your energetic skin.

Getting monthly facials is amazing, but there is no substitution for knowing how to be your own bioenergetic skin expert, on a daily basis.

The internet has created an overwhelming amount of conflicting information and bodies of thought about what it takes to maintain and cultivate radiance and beauty.

Not only that, but the sheer number of products and tools available leaves most women completely overwhelmed and unsure who to trust when seeking skincare and beauty solutions.

If you have a fancy skincare product, gua sha stone, LED light, or microcurrent device and you aren't using it with a bioenergetic beauty ritual, you are leaving beauty money on the table!

I'm not your garden-variety skincare expert.

I was personally mentored by the formulator who discovered the peptide for the cosmetics industry and have been using clean beauty products with a ritual since back in the nineteen eighties.

With my guidance, you'll transform everyday moments—like applying skincare, drinking water, eating, and looking in the mirror—into magical experiences of higher self-expression.

Through the Beauty Magic Club, you’ll engage in daily bioenergetic rituals that turn routine actions into opportunities for quantum alignment and elevated, radiant well-being.

Skin Church is your weekly transformation touchstone.

In these live group sessions, we practice my unique bioenergetic balancing technique—a blend of fascia massage and energy healing.

As I flow frequencies through the group, you'll experience a powerfully intimate fascia massage that aligns your energy and rejuvenates your skin. 

Think of these weekly sessions as booking yourself for a Pilates class; they’re a vital commitment to your body because they significantly enhance your inner and outer well-being.

The magic from these sessions stays with you, empowering you to carry this elevated energy into your daily life through easy, intuitive, quantum-aligned practices.

Come home to a new kind of beauty community where you can be seen and supported in your mind, body, spirit, and skin.

The investment is bite-priced, and the transformation is priceless.

Your 3-month membership includes:

  • Skin Church: Bioenergetic Balancing sessions, designed to activate your highest expression of spirit and skin. The first, second, and third Thursday of the month at 8 AM PST

  • Automatic 20% savings on all TimeLight facial formulas

  • Early Access to the Light Lift releases

  • A private Beauty Magic Club Community chat on Instagram

  • Exclusive facial kit, not available to non-members

  • 1:1 Quantum Glow session with Amy Wall ( yearly membership)

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Beauty Magic Club

$195.00 Regular price

Always Top Quality & Cruelty free


Are your products organic?

At Higher Self Beauty, we believe that “organic” doesn’t always equate to the highest quality.

Our priority is sourcing high-quality ingredients from sustainable suppliers, ensuring every component is both effective and eco-conscious.

While organic certification is important, we go beyond it to select ingredients that meet rigorous standards of potency and sustainability, ensuring superior performance and ethical sourcing for our products.

Why don't you believe in traditional skin types?

I don’t subscribe to the traditional notion of categorizing skin into types like oily, dry, or combination because it oversimplifies the complexities of skin health.

Your skin is a dynamic organ, influenced daily by factors like environment, diet, stress, and hormonal changes.

These influences mean that your skin's needs can change regularly, and categorizing it into static types often fails to address these fluctuations effectively.

TimeLight Skin Nutrition™️ is designed to adapt to these changes, promoting balance and vitality through bioenergetic and liposomal technologies

By nurturing your skin from within and considering its individual characteristics,

I offer a more comprehensive and effective approach to skincare that transcends outdated categories.

Is TimeLight Skin Nutrition™️ suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! I’ve formulated TimeLight Skin Nutrition™️ to be exceptionally gentle and effective for sensitive skin.

We use calming ingredients like Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and Organic Honeysuckle to soothe irritation and support your skin's natural barrier.

Our products are bioavailable, ensuring that each ingredient is absorbed and utilized effectively without causing discomfort.

They are free from harsh preservatives and chemicals, making them ideal for sensitive or reactive skin.

This exclusive combination of bioenergetic principles and liposomal technology ensures that our skincare nourishes and protects even the most delicate skin, providing comfort and radiance without compromising on efficacy.

Meet Your Facial Family
picture of two naturopathic pharmacists with TimeLight skin nutrition compounded facial formulas

Small Batch Formulation

Meet Ted and Al who formulate and package TimeLight Skin Nutrition.

Our formulas embody the pinnacle of bioenergetic and liposomal skincare technology.

We meticulously select only high-grade, ultra-premium, bioavailable, and chirally-corrected ingredients to enhance your skin's vitality and radiance.

Amy Wall is an award-winning skincare expert and higher self beauty visionary

Expertly Curated & Led

Amy Wall, our founder, earned the title of the top skincare expert in the United States in 2016, an honor bestowed by 14 of the world's leading ingredient manufacturers, formulators, and skincare authorities. Under the mentorship of the pioneering Doctor who discovered the peptide for the cosmetics industry, Amy has emerged as a visionary in the beauty world and an expert among experts. Her groundbreaking quantum approach to skincare merges cutting-edge science with beauty energy principles, offering a transformative path to radiant well-being and age freedom.

bipoc women sitting together in nature representing the beauty energy archetypes

Beauty Magic Club

Deep Beauty Beyond the Surface.

Unlock the full potential of your skincare journey with the Beauty Magic Club (BMC), where beauty transcends the surface.

While traditional skincare focuses solely on external symptoms, we believe true beauty cultivation begins from within.

The Beauty Magic Club integrates holistic wellness with the innovative power of TimeLight Skin Nutrition™️, amplifying your results through a transformative quantum facial ritual.

essential membership

Beauty Magic Club

The Beauty Magic Club (BMC) is the perfect companion to TimeLight Skin Nutrition™️, my professional-grade facial formulas.

As a member, you embark on a transformative 3-month quest for only $195 per season or enjoy a full year for $550.

  • Skin Church: Weekly Bioenergetic Balancing Sessions Designed to enhance your skin's radiance and health.
  • Quantum Rituals: Access to my advanced beauty energy masterclasses
  • 20% Savings: Enjoy 20% off all of my facial formulas.
  • Guest Experts: Exclusive Q&A sessions with leading experts in the fields of energy and wellness.
  • Exclusive Mini Facial Glow Kit: 3 mini formulas to give yourself a glow boosting facial treatment at home.

Upgrade your skills, knowledge and enjoyment of skin and beauty in the Beauty Magic Club.

Unappreciated beauty loses value with age. Higher Self Beauty is an appreciated, high-value, radiant state of being.
Bioidentical, bioavailable and chirally-corrected topical ingredients-including:Electrolytes, Slow Release Vitamin A,  Argireline Peptide, L-Sodium-Hyaluronate, L-Ascorbic Acid, Acetyl Glutathione, Phospholipids & Royal Jelly.Preserved with Organic Honeysuckle.Never sits on a shelf-until it gets to you.

TimeLight Skin Nutrition™️

18-Hour Nutrient Delivery

Elevate your skincare rituals with TimeLight Skin Nutrition™️.

Bioenergetic and liposomal technologies ensure that each ingredient penetrates deeply and effectively, revitalizing your complexion with a flow of vitality that brings out a luminous, healthy glow.

  • Electrolytes: Restore balance and hydration.
  • Slow Release Vitamin A: Smooth and refine skin texture.
  • Argireline Peptide: Reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • L-Sodium-Hyaluronate: Provide deep, lasting hydration.
  • L-Ascorbic Acid: Brighten and protect against oxidative stress.
  • Acetyl Glutathione: Offer advanced antioxidant support with enhanced stability.
  • Phospholipids: Enhance nutrient delivery and absorption through liposomal technology.
  • Royal Jelly: Nourish and rejuvenate the skin with essential nutrients.

Preserved naturally with Organic Honeysuckle to ensure purity and safety. TimeLight Skin Nutrition™️ products are freshly compounded, utilizing bioenergetic principles, and never sit on a shelf until they reach you, guaranteeing peak potency and effectiveness.

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