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Face Value- An Epidemic of Depreciated Beauty

Are you a Depreciated Beauty?

Beauty is to be appreciated--when it’s not, it wilts, just like a flower without sunlight.

Lifetimes of societal programming have forced us to look outside ourselves for appreciation, leaving us feeling a day late, a dollar short, and uneasy in our skin.

Everything you’re doing externally to look better will never fully land until you learn the power of appreciating and amplifying the light of your Super-Conscious or Higher Self.

Some refer to the opposite of the Higher Self as the lower or little self, but I like to think of it as our survival self–and we all have one.

In the same way that a field mouse can only see what's right in front of her and an eagle can see 360 degrees in all directions, your survival self can only give you limited answers and solutions.

The survival self is a limiting perspective that makes it challenging to appreciate who we see in the mirror when it comes to beauty.

As we continue to use the survival self as a lens for beauty, we experience significant beauty depreciation on every layer and every level.

It's when you have more than five serums, moisturizers, and creams from the drugstore, the internet, or an influencer, and you’re still not seeing results.

It's when you take an unflattering selfie, and you immediately filter it or think about maybe needing botox.

It's when you go down a Tiktok rabbit hole and emerge feeling numb and dissociated.

It's constantly worrying about aging.

It's also when you are so tired, busy, and overwhelmed with what's on your plate, beauty isn't necessary or a priority anymore.

It's anything that hurts your skin or esteem but that you do anyway because you're more afraid of what will happen if you don't.

It's fearing that if you spend time on and with yourself, your whole world will fall apart.

Worst of all, it's feeling like you're running on empty, not getting radiant results with any of your beauty products, and always looking outside of yourself for more.

If you feel like the Depreciated Beauty, going through constant bouts of beauty depreciation, then it's time to raise your standards and start filling your own golden cup.

What rewrote the script for me was when I realized the most common mistake our culture influences us to make: to view the Higher Self and beauty as mutually exclusive.

In other words, the Higher Self is viewed as exclusive to only spiritual purposes, and beauty is viewed as exclusive to materialistic purposes. 

Therefore, one cannot exist while the other does.

This disconnect can influence us into going to the extremes of either spiritually bypassing our beauty into self-denial. 

Or obsessing over our beauty to the point of self-harm.

The more you subscribe to the extremes of survival self, or go about life 'survivaling' as I like to call it, the more you'll find yourself feeling like an Depreciated Beauty.

The truth is that what society or the beauty industry won't tell you, and you will have to experience for yourself, is that Real Beauty is an expression of your Higher Self, and it starts with self-appreciation.

Like the eagle, your Higher Self is the 360-degree perspective that puts you as the source of your beauty to BE the answers and solutions you seek.

To transform the lens through which you view yourself, from the survival self to your higher self, you must infuse energy, light, and consciousness into everything that matters while, at the same time, consciously acknowledging and radiating the energy and light in your physical matter– with the energy and frequency of appreciation.

If you have gotten this far, this is your sign to get reintroduced to the energetic currency running through your veins, fascia, inner waters, and cellular DNA and start flooding your body with massive amounts of appreciation.

Appreciation is an emotion and the energy of value, increase, and growth. 

It’s the FREQUENCY your body speaks in. 

Appreciation is your Beauty MONEY.

  1. it is an energetic currency
  2. it flows
  3. it grows in value
  4. it is exchanged
  5. It is generative

There is an acre of diamonds inside of you; you don’t even need to look in your backyard!

Are you ready to learn how to magnify and amplify your ability to appreciate every year?

Yes? You are ready for The Well-Alchemical Beauty Energy Collective

For 6 months, you’ll be supported and surrounded by the best and brightest in beauty wellness along with 1:1 with Amy, monthly community gatherings, and weekly facial massage and meditation magic at #skinchurch 

You’ll learn to reprogram and reset your relationship with your reflection through intimacy, sensuality, and self-pleasure and sustain the results for a lifetime.

Access my entire treasury of beauty magic and alchemical facial rituals and incorporate them into your daily, weekly, and monthly rituals, using the time you are already spending.

Plus, be supported with my members-only facial formulas and quantum acupressure tool.

The cost of not joining us is HUGE.

Without my help, you could:

-Age like everyone else

-Lose the best years of your life wishing you were younger.

-Waste thousands of dollars on products and treatments that are empty promises at best, and toxic and inflammatory at worst.

-Stay on the Downward Beauty Value Spiral

-Lack clarity around what you really want to look and feel like

-Constantly feel empty, searching outside of yourself

-Think you are only unlocked from the outside

-Feel uncomfortable in your body

-Feel victimized by beauty

-Not know the power you have in your heart and  hands

-Not feel inspired and turn ON by your Self with each year

-Not receive the gifts each season of your life brings by staying stuck in spring/summer

With my help, you can: 

-Cycle through your seasons lightly

-Allow time to be light

-Allow freshness to circulate at any age

-Release beliefs that don't belong to you

-Define aging on your own terms

-Cultivate and sustain radiance

-Become magnetic

-Unhook from cultural myths

-Stop fearing death

-Learn the secrets of FRESHNESS

-Learn you had the power all along

-Become comfortable with change

-Learn that change is the greatest age defier

The relationship with your body and being  is the most important relationship and foundation of everything in your life. 

Come over to The Bright Side and let me help you fill your Well.

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Zoom Quantum Facelifting with the Light-Life Acupressure Wand

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