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The New Science of Hydration

The New Science of Hydration

I know you are dehydrated if you are doing one or more of the following:

  1. drinking coffee first thing in the morning.

  2. sitting at a desk all day.

  3. eating a diet low in fruit and raw vegetables.

Because you are doing one, or more of these, I know you are experiencing afternoon fatigue, random body aches, and skin that doesn't bounce and glow.

The solution might seem simple - drink more H20.

However, contrary to popular belief, becoming hydrated isn't a matter of drinking more H2O, not even 8 big glasses.

The new science of hydration actually shows us how to do more with less, and how to sustain our cellular hydration with the use of plants, light, and intentional water usage.

Excitingly, this new science also points us to how intention works with the body, so we can program deep cellular wisdom, on purpose.

So let's take a deeper dive into the wisdom of water, shall we?

Flashback to 4-year-old me, riding in the back of a car after leaving Ocean Beach in San Francisco, post playtime in the water and wet sand.

The year was 1973 and I recall trying to work out in my mind what water was made out of.

Did you combine other ingredients to produce it, and what was it?

Every possibility I thought of required water itself as an ingredient and I can distinctly remember the feeling of being lost in a state of wonder.

Now, I feel a sense of reverence in the retelling of this story because even then, at such a young age, I have always been fascinated with what things are made of-- especially water.

It turns out water is weird!

Real weird and behaves differently than other substances on earth.

As Fay Thompson says in her book, Azez Medicine: Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit with the help of the Beings of the Light 

"The properties of water are unlike any substance on Earth. When it freezes, water expands. All other substances on the Earth contract when frozen. When ice forms it floats. Most substances become heavier as they become denser. Water becomes lighter. Water is limitless in its being. Like Source Energy, it is infinite. You cannot destroy water. You cannot burn it and turn it to ash. Unlike other substances that combust when heated, water simply changes form and evaporates, but it remains a water molecule. Water is infinite, limitless, and travels from the Earth to the atmosphere and back, replenishing and neutralizing itself in the process. It cannot be destroyed or changed into something else.

It is and always shall be water. Like your infinite self, water is eternal life".

While water may be limitless in its nature, the way human's access it for drinking and bathing, and living, are changing.

Water is essential to talk about in the quest for wellness. As a species, we are facing planetary climate changes, and water, as we have known it, is becoming an endangered resource, worldwide. Without water, there is no us. This is a call to bring consciousness to water. To develop a reverence, deep respect and ritual around how we use it.

Water is vital to beauty wellness and hydrating properly can improve every condition you face. Including puffiness, redness, aging and acne.

We also know that water can hold intention.

The work of Masaru Emoto shows that human emotions can affect the molecular structure of the water, resulting in crystal formations that echoed the negative or uplifting feelings it was exposed to.

Though Dr. Emoto has been criticized as a pseudo-scientist by the mainstream materialist scientists of the day, for not sharing enough of the details of his experiments with colleagues, his studies are impactful and have Ring of the Truth to them.

The Ring of Truth is a feeling you get in your body when something is true for you. In my work, I call this 'Skintuition', but for now I invite you to trust your own knowing when you read or are exposed to new science and ideas.

When you cross-section Emoto's work with Dr. Gerald Pollack's peer-reviewed findings on the 4th phase of water, some interesting inferences can be made.

[Dr. Gerald Pollack maintains an active laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of WATER: A Multidisciplinary Research Journal; Executive Director of the Institute for Venture Science; co-founder of 4th-Phase Inc.; and founder of the Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water.  He has received numerous honors including: the Prigogine Medal for Thermodynamics; the University of Washington Annual Faculty Lecturer; the NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award; and the 1st Emoto Peace Prize.​  He is recognized internationally as an accomplished speaker and author]

Dr. Pollack's discovery of a 4th phase of water, H302, is possibly the most important discovery of the century, and could lead the way to desalination technology, energy production, and more.

Simply put, the 4th phase of water is a structured "gel" state that is distinctly different from solid, liquid or gas.

This gel layer creates what Dr. Pollack calls an exclusionary zone (EZ) against the border of surfaces that are exposed to light.

This EZ zone is structured, coherent and crystalline in nature, and as such, holds information and wisdom.

Even more incredibly, Dr. Pollack discovered that our cells are exclusively made of this substance, not liquid H2O which was previously believed.

In fact, all plant cells are also comprised of this structured and coherent gel, making them the perfect food for powering our bodies.

EZ water is a special type of water that forms in your cells. It's like a charged battery — it stores energy and can deliver energy to cells that need it.

EZ water makes our mitochondria stronger so we can produce more energy, and it hydrates us better and longer than bulk water.

This means the more hydrated we are, the more energy we have.

Even better, coherent and liquid crystalline 4th phase water, is also programmable when exposed to a certain frequencies of light.

More insight into this 4th phase of water comes from Dr. Dana Cohen and Anthropologist Gia Bria, who wrote a book called Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body Through the New Science of Optimum Hydration.

Instead of drinking our water to hydrate, the premise of this book is to eat your water, like water deprived desert tribes have done for ages.

Because fruits and vegetables are bursting with life-sustaining gel water, they are the perfect food for humans. Their sugars and fibers mixing precisely with the structured gel water to allow for perfect energy.

When you eat your water, you are feeding your body the same hydration that it's made of.

By the way, what if I told you that we don't eat food necessarily for the stand-alone nutrients, but for the gel water and sun's energy?

They also advise you add naturally occurring electrolytes, such as mineral rich sea salt, to your regular water.

By doing so, you are enabling your body's own electrical nature to power up, communicate, and move information, waste and nutrition faster and more efficiently.

This also hydrates our fascia, and allows it to pump hydration wherever it's needed in the body, keeping us fluid in motion.

Hydrated fascia is KEY to getting the hydration into the cells--a very important consideration for all of us seeking a healthy glow.

I highly recommend getting this book and following their very easy plan.

I've been incorporating their suggestions for the past year, and the results are crystal clear.

My Beauty Blueprint contains personal guidance on how to implement these water suggestions and my own special water-rich, beauty-food recipes too.

The new science of hydration isn't really new at all. It's how we worked all long and just didn't know it. With this knowledge we can leverage our body's own wisdom with water and start relating to ourselves as part of nature, rather than disconnected and separate.

A great practice is to bask in sunlight after eating a water-rich meal, and intentionally imagine yourself and your cells as vibrantly healthy and well.

Bringing light and gel water together creates the perfect soil for intention and imagination to take root.

The idea is to do more, with less, while keeping wonder-filled around the possibilities for the future.

We ALL become a part of the worldwide water solution by becoming intentional, grateful and downright REVERENT when relating to water in any form and in any situation.

Here's to New Science, and to listening to the wisdom of our own bodies.

May we increase our flow, increase our glow, and spread this wisdom all over the land.

XO, Amy | The Skintessa

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