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I can help you transform your face, the face of your brand and how you face the world.

Be on The Leading-Edge of Beauty Wellness

Radiance Reboot| Quantum Glow

If you are interested in learning my method, the first place to start is my Radiance Reboot 21-Day Quantum Glow, a comprehensive digital wellness program designed to elevate your natural beauty from the inside out.

Incorporating a distinct quantum perspective, the program highlights the dynamic relationship between our consciousness and physical state, encouraging you to tap into the transformative potential within your reach.

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Customized Skin Rx

I believe in more than just selling products; I am deeply committed to elevating my client's beauty journey on every level.

This is why my facial formulas aren't sold directly to the public. Instead, they are exclusively through my Beauty Magic Club, or customized Skin Rx.

This process ensures that I understand your specific skincare needs, budget, challenges, and goals, enabling me to align these with your soul skin regimen.

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The Well Mastermind

My Inner Circle-The Well- is a 6-month mastermind where beauty, wellness, and fitness visionaries come together to amplify the energy in their face, the face of their brand, and how they face the world.

For 6 months, you'll have me as a thought-partner and mirror and you'll be in a room with the best and brightest in beauty wellness.

This is an invitation-only collective, please book a call with me to connect and apply.

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What it's costing you not to work with me-

The Real Cost of Depreciated Beauty

  • Life coaching $5000 +
  • Yearly product cost $1,200 +
  • Injections $2,000 +
  • Lasers and facial treatments $15,000 +
  • Cosmetic surgery $30,000 +
  • Wasted, unused, or empty products: up to $100,000 in your lifetime.
  • Time wasted not being tuned, in, tapped in and turned on by life- PRICELESS.


How do I buy products from you?

To get started with products, sign up for my customized Skin Rx

You will then have permanent access to my members-only online store.

Do you train other Estheticians?

Yes! I have a collaboration with the Solo Esthetician Academy and have special Esthetician-Only offers there, or you can apply to be in my mastermind.

How do I get a facial from you?

The only way to currently get a facial session with me is during a VIP Well Weekend.

This is more than a facial, it's a 2-day mind, body, spirit, skin experience.

This weekend is included in my Mastermind, and for other VIP events.

Reach out to me for availability.

The Quantum Glow

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