The Artist

Your Beauty Energy Archetype

Friend, you are The Beauty Artist The Artist...probably because you’re always expressing and creating.

Your face is your canvas and your life, its frame.

When it comes to a gorgeous aesthetic, you're a shining star.

Your goals are to express your creative magic, to live a beautiful life, and to look absolutely radiant while doing it!

you aren't like the rest...

Your Super Powers

are your activated senses, your vision, and your ability to radiate physical beauty.

You don't tolerate dullness in people, places, things and certainly not on your body and being.

Your skin is your calling card and you like it firm, even-toned, and glowing.

The flipside to this is that over time, you could find yourself using control, resistance, or judgment of anything less than an idealized, youthful standard of beauty... and this could be leaving you feeling empty, and unappreciated inside. 

Deep down,  you know that it isn't the way to regenerate radiance and beauty--but you haven't known any other way. 

Until now.

Balancing & Enhancing

The Energy of The Artist

Practice releasing judgment and resistance about how you look and what age you are.

You are never more beautiful than you are today--period.

Take the time to ask yourself these deep questions before you decide to have injections, peels, laser treatments, or any other surgical procedures done:

What do I desire this treatment to help me feel like?

How do I truly desire that to reflect on my face?

What would my Higher Self choose?

Amy's recommendation for The Artist

One Time Offer- Use Code ARTISTRY for $50 off the Trinity
Zoom The Trinity of Serums
Zoom The Trinity of Serums
Zoom The Trinity of Serums

The Trinity of Serums

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The Trinity of Serums is your next level of radiance and glow.

The combination of these three serums and their change-making ingredients offer a full spectrum of optimum skin nutrition.

Fresh, active, and professional-grade, this three-pillar regimen reverses facial aging, lightens pigment, and firms the skin with concentrated amounts of vitamin C, peptides, and slow-release vitamin A.

The Trinity is truly the star of the entire TimeLight Skin Nutrition line.

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