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The Artist

Your Beauty Energy Archetype

The Beauty Artist

Friend, you are The Artist...probably because you’re always expressing and creating.

Your face is your canvas and your life, its frame.

When it comes to a gorgeous aesthetic, you're a shining star.

Your goals are to express your creative magic, to live a beautiful life, and to look absolutely radiant while doing it!

I'm also a Beauty Artist, and that's why I created The Bright Rites and Beauty Blueprints!

For magical women like me, and you.

you aren't like the rest...

Your Super Powers

are your activated senses, your vision, and your ability to radiate physical beauty.

You don't tolerate dullness in people, places, things and certainly not on your body and being.

Your skin is your calling card and you like it firm, even-toned, and glowing.

The flipside to this is that over time, you could find yourself using control, resistance, or judgment of anything less than an idealized, youthful standard of beauty... and this could be leaving you feeling empty, and unappreciated inside. 

Deep down,  you know that it isn't the way to regenerate radiance and beauty--but you haven't known any other way. 

Until now.

The Energy of The Artist

The voice of your Archetype is an inner, creative energy that can show you a different perspective without judgement

Practice releasing judgment and resistance about how you look and what age you are.

You are never more beautiful than you are today--period.

Take the time to ask yourself these deep questions before you decide to have injections, peels, laser treatments, or any other surgical procedures done:

What do I desire this treatment to help me feel like?

How do I truly desire that to reflect on my face?

What would my Higher Self choose?

TimeLight Skin Nutrition

18-Hour Nutrient Delivery System

What really works for you.

The Artist's Skin Routine

Unlike others, you can thrive with elaborate rituals with multiple products!

As long as they have high-performance ingredients that feed your skin with the same standards you have for every other area of your life, you'll continue to shine bright.

Lean into your powers of artistry to create one-of-kind beauty rituals at home with a curated assortment of high-performance facials formulas, glamour magic, and beauty tools that you use together with an energetic beauty blueprint.

I recommend my Trinity of Serums with high-potency L-Ascorbic Acid, Argireline Peptides and slow-release Retinal for the maximum amount of radiance and deep down, skin support.

I'll send you a code to your email for 20% off your first purchase to make healthy, radiant skin easy for you! ✨

So, what do you do with this new information about your energy and your skin?

Set up an Artistic Beauty Foundation at home with my Beauty Blueprint

Get the exact advice and guidance I give my celebrity and one-on-one clients on how to edit and wardrobe your beauty products and practices and begin to cultivate superconscious skin.

This is a 15-page sacred skin journal and ritual guide to put you on your path to becoming a Leading-Edge Luminary, experience energetic mastery and age freedom in the mirror.

Remember, the key to superconscious skin is not solely about the products you use, but also the methods and timing of application, your thoughts during the process, the underlying reasons for your skincare routine, and the belief in the potential outcomes that can be achieved.

I'll help you align all of those to your highest timeline and potential with ease.

Get the guide that's disrupting the industry, today.

Get my beauty blueprint

This beautiful resource has completely revamped how I approach my skincare and really, the care of my whole being.

It's inspired not only "environmental change," as in creating an honored space for spending time with my skin and myself, but also internal change.

Implementing Amy's practices on a daily basis has created a noticeable shift in my energy, my groundedness, and the way I'm projecting to the world around me.

I felt the change almost immediately.

And, one of my favorite aspects of this is the gift the blueprint has given me as a mother to a young girl - I'm modeling a beautiful practice for my daughter and that is priceless.

Laura Nicholls Higher Self Beauty

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