The Guide

Your Beauty Energy Archetype

Friend, you are The Beauty Guide-- probably because you’re always helping others feel beautiful too! 

When it comes to compassion and knowledge, you are a star.

 No wonder you’re so skilled in all things beauty wellness.

Your goal is to master inner and outer beauty and to make that your life and living.

you aren't like the rest...

Your Super Powers

are your extensive skincare knowledge, your leadership, and your healing hands!

You aren’t down with mass-marketed products or fake social media advice that could cause harm.

Your skin is your calling card and you are well-versed in all things glowing and radiant.

The flipside to this is that you could be forgetting yourself, and looking for quick fixes, as you concentrate on serving others, and that could be leaving you feeling unappreciated and overwhelmed.

Deep down, you know the majority of what the beauty industry is telling you is just smoke and mirrors-but you haven't known any other way.

 Until now.

Balancing & Enhancing

The Energy of The Guide

Raise your value.

You are a messenger of wellness and helping others experience the feeling of deep wellbeing and beauty is God’s work-period.

Invest in your personal and professional development, and reclaim your power as a beauty wellness guide.

There isn't a magic product or treatment that can elevate your value and worth. 

You are the magic ingredient in all you do.

{As long as you're choosing products and services with awareness and intention, rather than industry trends, you will be in harmony with your Higher Self.}

Amy's Recommendation for The Guide

Heal your own relationship to beauty first by setting up an energetic beauty practice at home.

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