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Does Face Yoga Actually Work?

Woman doing a Skintuitive Facial Massage Practice

In your quest for all things good and glowing, you may have encountered Face Yoga as a possible solution for your tired and stressed-out skin, but wondered if it was just another case of smoke and mirrors in the world of beauty.

I'm always asked whether a holistic beauty practice should include Face Yoga, so let's get into it!

Face Yoga: An Introduction

Face Yoga is a form of exercise that aims to tone and tighten the muscles in your face and neck. It involves a series of facial exercises that target specific areas, such as the forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, and neck.

The idea behind face yoga is that by working out these muscles, you can improve circulation, reduce tension and stress, and promote relaxation in your face and neck.

Improving circulation, reducing tension and stress, and promoting relaxation in the face, are some of the best ways to rejuvenate your skin naturally; so far, so good!

But, as my Mom, a longtime yogini, pointed out, real Yoga isn't an exercise and never has been.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means "union" or "connection."

In traditional Indian philosophy, yoga refers to the union of the individual soul with the universal consciousness or divine force.

It is a spiritual and philosophical practice that aims to lead individuals toward self-realization and inner peace.

In modern times, yoga has become a popular form of physical exercise and relaxation, which involves various postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (nidra).

The physical practice of yoga is often referred to as Hatha Yoga, and it is believed to promote physical health, flexibility, strength, and relaxation.

However, it is important to note that yoga is not just a physical exercise but a holistic practice that encompasses mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

In essence, yoga is a way of life that aims to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit and connect the practitioner with their true self.

Does Face Yoga Work?

Face exercises are most effective when you harmonize your mind, spirit, and energy with your face and body.

To make the biggest impact on your body and mind, you must incorporate your emotional and spiritual aspects, which is where my Beauty Blueprint comes in.

The effectiveness of face yoga is still a matter of debate among some experts.

Studies suggest that regular face yoga exercises can help to reduce the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

That said, many people who practice face yoga report positive results. They claim that regular practice has helped to improve their skin's texture, reduce puffiness, and enhance their overall appearance.

What is the difference between Face Yoga and a Skintuitive Practice?

I teach a Skintuitive facial ritual that focuses on self-intimacy, self-trust and self-touch combined with lymphatic drainage, and fascial contouring to release facial tension, promote relaxation, and improve overall skin appearance, all the while being dropped into a energetic flow.

Face yoga requires more physical effort and focuses on precise exercises  performed with thought, while a Skintuitive practice focuses on activating spiritual and cellular energy through a freestyle facial flow.

What I love about my method is that your entire body and being gets a lift while you connect deeply with your spirit and skin.

If Face Yoga can be compared to Hatha Yoga, my Skintuitive Facial Massage is like the Yoga of Beauty which is focused on bringing light consciousness inside of your skin.

In Face Yoga, the practitioner focuses on facial posture.

In Skintuitive Facial Massage, I help you feel more at ease within your skin by releasing tension in your face through meridian points, lymphatic drainage massage, and fascial contouring.

It's like a total reset button for your spirit and skin, leaving you feeling grounded, relaxed, and glowing.

Face Yoga Before & After

If you're curious about the real results of face yoga, a quick search online will reveal many before-and-after photos and videos. These images show people who have practiced face yoga for several weeks or months, and the changes in their appearance are often quite noticeable.

However, it's important to remember that individual results may vary. Some people may see dramatic improvements, while others may see only subtle changes.

You must also consider how long the results lasted and if they were sustainable for the time invested.

How Long Does Face Yoga Take to Work?

The amount of time it takes to see results from face yoga will vary depending on several factors, such as your lifestyle and nutrition habits, Beauty Energy Archetype, the specific exercises you're doing, and whether or not you're doing it along with a Higher Self Beauty Blueprint.

Some people report seeing results in a few weeks, while others may need several months of regular practice.

My clients see a difference in one hour with my Skintuitive facial massage and Beauty Nidra meditation.

My Glowing Skin Journey will Get You There Faster

There's a reason Olympic athletes visualize themselves doing their sport as much as they do their physical actions.

All high-level tech executives practice meditation and go to Burning Man for the same reason: to create an energetic blueprint for success and flow.

For maximum radiance and glow, setting up the daily, nightly, and weekly skin rituals of Higher Self Beauty will give you the perfect framework and foundation for starting a Face Yoga practice.

What Face Yoga Exercises Work?

Many different face yoga exercises are designed to target specific areas of the face and neck.

Here are a few examples:

  • The forehead smoother: Place your fingers on your forehead and gently pull your skin upwards while raising your eyebrows. Hold for a few seconds, then release.
  • The cheek lift: Smile as wide as possible, then place your fingers on your cheekbones and lift them upwards. Hold for a few seconds, then release.
  • The neck and tongue stretch: Tilt your head back as far as possible, stick out your tongue, and try to touch your chin with the tip. Hold for a few seconds, then release.

Can Face Yoga Be Harmful?

There is little risk of harm from practicing face yoga as long as you're doing the exercises correctly and not putting too much strain on your muscles.

However, it's always a good idea to talk to your body to get a sense of how it would feel to start exercising your face.

You could also consult a qualified Face Yoga practitioner or decide you're ready to go all in with the holistic and sustainable approach of my Skintuitive Facial Massage and Beauty Blueprint.

Either way, I'll say that Face Yoga is a low-risk, low-cost way to promote relaxation and improve the flexibility of your face and neck.

I'm a huge fan of bringing more self-touch and relaxation into our beauty routines, so Face Yoga is #amyapproved for all Beauty Energy Archetypes and Blueprints!

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