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The Energy Clearing Shower Ritual: Harness the Power of Salt and Self-Care for Radiant Skin

a woman enjoying a salt shower ritual at Amy Wall's Little River Love Shack

The Energy Clearing Shower Ritual: Harness the Power of Salt and Self-Care for Radiant Skin

I can remember clinging to this shower ritual when everything in my life seemed like it was falling apart.

I was working hard, playing hard and trying hard to keep from myself from falling all the way down the Downward Beauty Value Spiral.

A Gift From a Guide

An Energy Intuitive named RuthAnn, taught me this shower ritual decades ago, and over the years, it has become an magic wand for both me and my clients, especially when daily stress threatens our inner peace.

This shower booster allows us to be energetically sovereign and have the ability to transmute and return heavy energies that don't belong to us, back into freshness and possibility.

Don't let the simplicity of this shower ritual fool you, it's ultra potent and I still revel in it now that the bluebird of happiness is singing over my soul.

My water rituals are crafted to help you cast that radiant glow from within, guiding you on a journey to illuminate, and harmonize both inner and outer self.

Your nightly shower serves more than just a basic routine at Higher Self Beauty; it is the foundational ritual, and the first place to start in your beauty energy journey.

Created to help highly sensitive souls cleanse their aura, this ritual holds a special place in my heart.

A Nightly Ritual: More than Just a Shower

Beyond merely rinsing away residual makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily grime, this ritual clears and transmutes lingering energy carried with you throughout the day, and cleanses hidden stresses from your energy field.

We live in a world full of invisible energies and frequencies and you may unknowingly picked up from the people and surroundings that fill your day.

I've experienced it first hand, feeling overstimulated and off-balance, not unlike sensitive skin persistently coping with harsh environments.

By learning to transmute, dissolve, and dissipate unwanted energies during our nightly shower, we cleanse not only our bodies but nurture our energy field, and soul.

A Guide to Your Ritual:

To transform your routine into a magical experience, consider the following suggestions:


  1. Surround yourself with a clean space, opting for a citrus-based cleaner, baking soda, or plain bleach for your shower. Investing in a shower filter adds an extra layer of water purity.

  2. Set your intention for this ritual, drawing from your unique beauty blueprint, and infuse it into your practice.

  3. Pre-emptively gather all necessary items for your ritual:

    • Essential oil diffuser

    • Eucalyptus leaves or branches

    • Humidity-loving hanging plants

    • A dry brush

    • A luxurious organic robe

    • Baking soda

    • A crucial ingredient: An airtight bowl of high-quality Sea SALT!

Remember, there is no pressure to accumulate everything at once. A full shopping list for all your ritual needs is available in my Beauty Magic Club

What to Focus On:

Dedicate your nightly showers to body cleansing and energy clearing. Intent on clearing, cleansing, dissolving, and releasing everything your body no longer requires.

For optimal cleansing, consider products like Petals Creme Cleanse that provide nourishment while effectively removing makeup, sunscreen, and dead skin cells.

Harmonize face massage into your routine with a safe, non-breakable massage tool like a Steel or Kansa Gua Sha stone.

Use a clean washcloth, such as thin muslin cloth, for optimal sustainability and cleanliness.

The Magic of Salt:

Salt, an omnipotent mineral, is a hidden hero in our beauty rituals. Historically considered currency, used for preserving food in travels, and responsible for sustaining our inner glow.

Salt's natural cleansing ability, enhanced by life-sustaining minerals, brings a refreshing wave of renewal to your Beauty Energy Shower Ritual.

Apart from its culinary uses, salt also has restorative properties. As a significant electrolyte, salt, in combination with water, aids in carrying electrical charges in our bodies, helping with energy transmission and balance.

Furthermore, salt plays a crucial role in various magical rituals, where it is renowned for purifying, protective, and grounding properties, enabling us to connect with natural energy transformations.

Salt Types and Their Energetic Properties:

Each type of salt derives unique energetic properties from its mineral composition and origin. The following salts can all contribute to your energy-clearing practice:

  1. Sea Salt: Rich in minerals including calcium, magnesium, and potassium, sea salt helps to balance fluid levels in your body and permeate your aura with confidence.

  2. Pink Himalayan Salt: Harvested from the ancient sea beds of the Himalayan region, it contains trace minerals that lend an energetic grounding and stabilizing vibration.

  3. Epsom Salt: An amazing source of magnesium, Epsom salt can help soothe muscles and potentially reduce stress levels, promoting relaxation.

Despite these differences, each salt variation retains elemental cleansing properties and benefits for your energy-clearing shower.

The Full Beauty Energy Shower Ritual:

Initiate your ritual with dry brushing, an energy-hygiene process perfect for both skin exfoliation and natural detoxification. Brush from your soles upwards, in the direction of your heart—gently reminding us that the heart is an energy sanctuary.

Step into Your Safe Haven:

Visualize your shower as a sanctuary, where the water not only cleanses your physical body but also rejuvenates your energy and spirit. Embrace the golden liquid light cascading from your showerhead, washing away burdens just as it washes away the day's dirt and gime.

Once you are under the stream, say out loud the cleansing invocation printed and stored safely in your salt jar:

"I transmute to harmless all of the essences of all the consciousnesses that have been removed, are being removed, and will be removed this day. Father/Source, remove them at your will."

Continue with your other shower activities and once you are finished, and have stepped on to your bath mat, say the invocation, once more.

Together, we have transformed an ordinary shower into an empowering, energy-cleansing ritual that prepares you for rejuvenating rest! 

This is not just a rinse-off, but a hygienic release, a simultaneous renewal of body, mind, spirit and skin.

How Do You Feel?

Share your experiences, emotions, and awarenesses with me, and together, we’ll grow lighter and brighter.

When you are prepared to take the next step, meet me in Beauty Magic Club, for more robust, personalized, and transformative self-care practices.

Embrace energetic beauty rituals and transform ordinary and boring skin routines.

Immerse yourself in a quantum, Higher Self Beauty experience, where every salt-infused shower nurtures your inner glow and transforms your beauty and energy from within.

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